Phantasma Chain Introduces App Store To Access DApps Built On Phantasma Chain

NEO blockchain-based data and content distribution platform Phantasma Chain has introduced its app store to create access to all DApps under one organized system. The app store will provide access to the majority of features and apps on Phantasma Chain while also enabling a communication platform with friends on the network.

The Phantasma app store will focus on 3 major areas, that are communication, commerce, and entertainment. These major sections are distributed at the forefront of the Phantasma platform. Phantasma believes that communication is an essential part of the ecosystem, whether it is the entertainment section or the market. Their initial plan is to get the communication service into function on the blockchain, followed by bringing more and more DApps and coherent features on the Phantasma Appstore.

Marketing and PR manager Phantasma Chain Lee Kai shared that the goal of Phantasma is to empower the user to have control over their data. He reported:

People will be able to run complete decentralized apps if they want to, but also half decentralized & half centralized. For example a game running without using blockchain but only the market/trading aspect will adopt blockchain tech. Not all the apps will be completely decentralized.

The Phantasma app store serves as an inherent DApp platform for games such as Nacho Men, for which a market will be launched to provide the ability to trade in-game items in the form of non-fungible tokens.

Phantasma relies on the nature of blockchain, where user data will not be shared and owned by the app or the authority. The DApps will be monitored by Phantasma team before launching into the app store and it will be added according to its demand, so that people can use the apps that they actually want to.

The Phantasma app store also integrates a communication platform for the people in the Phantasma ecosystem to communicate and trade physical and digital goods among each other. This puts Phantasma at the forefront of this technological ability to use cryptos in real life, in one complete system.

The full announcement regarding the Phantasma app store can be found here.

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