‘People Will Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Only Because It Yields Them Money, Not Because Of The Massive Ideology’: Brendan Bernstein

The crypto analyst and enthusiast, Brendan Bernstein reflects over a rather disturbing fact which must be counted in, in order to escalate the progress for bitcoin and to acquire the mass adoption in a quicker manner. Though there may be other factors that count in for the huge success of the bitcoin and lure people into investing into bitcoin under the flagship of the entire crypto market, there is single factor which must be catered for, over the highest priority. People intend to figure out their primary goal in investing into the crypto market, which is obviously the monetary and financial benefits and gains; all the other outcomes are harshly secondary for the investors and in case they are not attained in any way, they are absolutely cool with it as soon they get their investment doubled or something of this sort. If that does not turn out to be an outcome of a crypto venture for the investors, the venture is deemed unsuccessful in every avenue. Though this is fair as the investments must get a pay off, the soul and the concept of cryptos is laid to waste this manner. BlockPublisher got the chance to keep on the discourse with Bernstein as he further elaborated over the key demand from the investor to add a multiple to their return.

Bitcoin and other bitcoins cannot be successful unless they bring in the human greed factor in on a large scale. Bitcoin brought a sound ideology and did us all a solid understanding the weaknesses of our current system but that will not concern the users as much as their double or triple return will. People will buy bitcoin only because of the the money.

There has always been individual benefit hidden in every venture after all one is to care for his person too which is the rule of life but the thing is bitcoin and other crypto ventures have started losing their overall concept and have turned into just a business venture which will eventually turn corporate and will deliver a return manifolds of the original investment.

Bernstein provides a prediction of his and surprises everyone with this statement which is equally amazing and relatable. There are masked operations which are a little harder to get as Brendan explains but they are still there offering their share of the damage.

…greed isn’t going away and the MMT fughazi will just push more people into the hardest money that’s ever existed.

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