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People Should Use Bitcoin Cash Instead Of Gift Cards As These Are A Major Scam, Exclaims The CEO/CIO Of Three Arrows Capital

The chief executive officer and the chief information officer for the Threes Arrows Capital, Su Zhu states that the gift cards that people use are nothing bu a mere scam. He has jotted down some decent reasons as to why he claims that BTC can turn up a decent supplant of the gift cards. Zhu states that there are four reasons that the gift cards must be ditched in favour of BTC. The gift cards turn cash into illiquid commodity or a mere voucher. The gift cards actually belong to no one in particular and are unclaimed amounting to billions. These vouchers can oust your habits and skills to other agents who can treat the data into marketing their own goods, the way they like it. Gift cards represent bad culture in a way that people have their minds around that gifts must be spent rather than keeping for good. BlockPublisher got into talk with the very man in order to extract his remarks over the discourse.

People must abolish the usage of the gift cards brining in BTC to be used as a substitute. The gift cards turns your cash into an illiquid voucher, they are unclaimed amounting to considerable dollars, they deliver useful data about to other agents and it is a bad culture to follow that gifts must be spent rather than keeping as a good gesture.

The gift cards versus the cryptocurrency is majorly a latest topic that is bound to be around for some time. What Su Zhu states, nevertheless is worth noting, the thing to bear in mind that cryptos have been stated to keep the cash liquid when the unclaimed gift cards turn the cash illiquid, being the major difference.

Su Zhu clarifies his claims with further major statements supporting the prior reasons that he has piled up for us.

Either spend real effort (work) to make/buy a gift, or give hard money and let the recipient have real freedom. BTC being more divisible/liquid and the person can decide to buy some stocks with it instead of consumption if she so desired.

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