Peepeth Aims to Become First Mainstream dApp by Going Ether Free

Peepeth have revealed that the next version of their update to Peepeth dApp will not require Ether as gas to carry out transactions. This will make it free to use and there will be no token required for Peeping (Peepeth’s derivative to Tweeting). Previously, this cost was set at around a few cents for as many as 15 posts, that were required as transaction fee on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Speaking to BlockPublisher, Peepeth representative Bevan Barton also revealed that the next update will not require a web3provider that was previously required to connect to the blockchain. Bevan shared his belief that Peepeth will become the first mainstream dApp on blockchain. He said:

One thing to note is that the next major iteration will be completely free to use. No ether will be required. Also, no web3 provider will be required. This will give it a good chance of becoming the first mainstream dapp.

A major problem that Peepeth and other dApps have faced has been the choking of the Ethereum blockchain. Scalability problems and limited transaction capacity will only prove to be a massive drawback for a social media platform such as Peepeth.

On this note, Peepeth revealed earlier of its plans to make sure the ETH blockchain does not get clogged. This will be done by adding multiple dApp actions on a single transaction of the blockchain. When asked how they planned to tackle scalability problems, Peepeth told:

Peepeth is unlikely to clog the Ethereum network, because multiple dapp actions are batched into single blockchain transactions. In the next iteration of Peepeth, a constant # of TXs will be required per day (~24), regardless of number of users (excluding optional feature usage).

Peepeth is touted as one of the most exciting dApps to come up on blockchain. It is a decentralized social media platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is different to traditional social media in many ways and is believed to be the Twitter alternative of blockchain. It is currently in a crowdfunding phase of development, having conjured up 67.837ETH out of a 1000ETH goal, having 92 backers with 26 days to go.

Earlier, Peepeth started its crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter, but ended it prematurely with 11 days to go. It managed to gather $11,557 of a planned $60,000 in their campaign.

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