#PayWithLitecoin Gaining Momentum – Wirex App Can Be Used To Make POS Purchases By Litecoin Users

The Chief Executive Officer of Wirex, Pavel Matveev, yesterday tweeted how to users how to use the Wirex app to make payment using Litecoin. He made this tweet to show users how to use the LTC coin to make payment using their Wirex App.

In his tweet, Matveev posted a video showing users how to use a POS to make the payment, with the whole process taking just a few seconds.

While commenting on his Twitter post, he further revealed to their customers that the team is currently working on lightning network adoption, although he admitted that a time cycle is there for them to get to speed with current trends. He added that this is an important step that has seen Wirex get closer to attain its goal which is massive cryptocurrency adoption.

Wirex, also mentioned that;

It’s a huge, HUGE step towards massive crypto adoption. Banks will not ‘disappear’ in one day, or even one decade. The first step must be the integration of both traditional systems and disruptive crypto platforms. We have to be open-minded.

A lot of their customers don’t think that the company is doing enough in terms of using the technology considering the fact that Matveev uses the LTC by loading it on his prepaid card and then used for payment. Some were of the view that the technology is still behind that of Bitcoin, with Wirex replying that by claiming that the users will realize they have been stuck in the past using other products when they decide to give the Wirex app a try.

Wirex is a hybrid platform that bridges old world banking and new world crypto. At the moment, Wirex app serves more than a million users, with a presence in more 130 countries, with their headquarters situated in London.

Litecoin has been making huge progress in terms of adoption in the micropayments industry. The cryptocurrency has been adopted by companies in the aviation and virtual reality sector, with the #PayWithLitecoin campaign gathering momentum over the past few days.

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