Panasonic New Camera (LUMIX S1 and S1R) & Blockchain – Is There a Bridge?

Panasonic just announced a few new full-frame mirror-less cameras, Lumix S1 and S1R. Photography enthusiasts from around the globe are excited to see what these bring to the table. People want to know everything about these cameras. But is there a bridge that we can form between the search term ‘crypto & blockchain’ and ‘Panasonic New Camera’?

New use-cases of the blockchain technology are being found every day. This nascent technology is already being used in industries like healthcare, eSports, content-creation, logistics and much more. But can it find its way in the arena of photography? More importantly, does it need to do so at all?

Blockchain provides a decentralized framework of operation and the network formed by it tends to span the entire globe. Information and data of a blockchain-based network can be accessed from anywhere across the world. This is useful when it comes to medical records but there is another thing that ‘might’ get benefit from this, photos.

Using a blockchain-based network to store photos is something one might look into the future. Connect your cameras to the internet, take photos, store photos on a blockchain-based network and access them from across the world. As viable this idea might seem, there are some technical issues associated with it before one should seriously consider doing it.

Most of the cameras available right now do not have a very ‘smart’ user-interface. Technical tweak handles of the camera are surely present in the interface, but there is not so much freedom as a cell phone. Secondly, internet connectivity and browsing with a camera do not seem to be the main things one wants to do. Most of the cameras have WiFi built into them that allows you to transfer photos to some other device but internet connectivity, uploading photos onto an internet-based network, a blockchain in this case, is not something that is the main priority of the user.

Besides, the data on a blockchain-based network is immutable. Once something is there, no deletion can occur. This is obviously not something a photographer wants to face. Scalability is also one of the major issues associated with blockchain right now. Millions of users capturing photos and uploading them on a blockchain-based network also looks to be too ambitious. Trust and transparency, two major features of the blockchain technology, might not be that important when you are just clicking a photo of a leaf. Point is, the pieces of the puzzle just do not fit together.

If you are a photography-lover blockchain enthusiast who searches ‘blockchain scalability’ once and then ‘Panasonic new camera’ later, you might not want to think about combining the two worlds. The prospects presented by blockchain are sure revolutionary, but not every framework needs to be decentralized and made immutable. Blockchain is good, but only where it is useful.

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