OwnBackup to Demonstrate its Blockchain Based Platform – OwnBackup ICE™

OwnBackup a paramount cloud-to-cloud backup and restore vendor on SalesForce based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, recently announced that it will be incorporating a blockchain based OwnBackup ICE™ on the OwnBackups application. OwnBackup will be demonstrating OwnBackup ICE™ in San Francisco from September 25-28 at the most innovative software conference of the year conference called DreamForce.  In order to ensure that the data of clients remains immutable, untouched and secure Own Backups has integrated blockchain. The DLT technology, will help increase security provided by OwnBackup. It will enable the company to maintain backups of several companies on a distributed ledger that can essentially make it impossible for hostile parties to affect the data in any way.

OwnBackup is the product developed by the some of the well versed data-recovery and data protection experts. This platform has been the provider of numerous services that includes backup of data and provision of safe automated recovery system to various softwares. This caters to all the data losses endured by companies due to human error, malicious viruses or hostile parties. Not only can they recover the data, but by incorporating blockchain, they can make it impossible for the backed up data to mutate. Sam Gutmann, CEO of OwnBackup stressed upon the importance of keeping the backup data secure by saying,

OwnBackup is pioneering the data protection and compliance space. Simply having backups in place may not suffice for auditors in financial services, healthcare, and other highly-regulated industries. If your company cannot prove that your data has not been changed, you should question the integrity of your backup strategy altogether.

The peer to peer mechanism in the adopted technology, blockchain has essentially been assimilated to safeguard the backup data that the company is in charge of. A distributed ledger does not allow for data to be changed without notifying all the nodes on the chain. In case of a breach, the nodes in the system will be alerted about alteration. Blockchain supports the property of immutability and in order to conceal any kind of tampering every node would need to be modified. David Brenner, Senior Salesforce Manager at ShopKeep told,

With each innovation, OwnBackup reinforces our satisfaction and delight with their solutions. Leveraging Blockchain technology to verify unchanged backups is a useful innovation OwnBackup continuously develops new capabilities to simplify data management.

With the introduction of OwnBackup ICE™, the recovery vendor will be able to fortify the solidarity of records of its clients and also help them in maintaining original version of backups to adhere to the regulations provided by the regulatory services.

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