Organization in Ireland Incorporating Platforms to Educate Females About Blockchain

A blockchain organization in Ireland, which is considered the hub of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and houses a number of crypto mining rigs, is integrating an educational platform to educate women about blockchain. The inaugural meeting of Blockchain Women Ireland will take place next week on Tuesday at WeWork’s offices in Iveagh Court, off Charlemont Street in Dublin. As blockchain is surfacing on the horizon the need to educate masses about its functionality is becoming more and more inevitable. This platform targets to provide numerous career and educational opportunities to the local masses.

This female centered initiative is being headed by some of the very prominent women in blockchain Industry of Ireland. The senior financial director at the Department of Finance of Ireland, Mai Santamaria, author of the publication Virtual Currencies and Blockchain Technology heads is one of the members. She also leads a group that is working on this technology. She elaborated on how many opportunities within the blockchain industry, not only for the coders and developers, but for professionals from a myriad of other fields are present. She told,

“The reality is that it is hard to reach out to the blockchain community, particularly if you are a woman with an interest in technology but who isn’t necessarily a coder or similar. We’re trying to establish a network that will help those who want to know more about blockchain, to demystify it and to open doors for those who may want a career in the sector.”

Blockchain technology has vast number of applications spanning over various industries. Nevertheless, it is still considered to be in stages of infancy has quite a bit of mystery and skepticism surrounding it. States all around the world have doubts about its incorporation, however, the Department of Finance of Ireland has introduced a Blockchain-Ireland initiative. This platform is to act as the leading global center for blockchain.

Other members include Joyce O’Connor who is the founding president of the National College of Ireland as well as the chairwoman of the Institute of International and European Affairs’ digital future working group and managing director of BNY Mellon’s Irish unit, Paula Kelleher. Laura Clifford, industry partnership manager of the Adapt Centre, the senior solutions consultant of ConsenSys Niamh O’Connell and Emma Walker who is the, managing director of a professional services firm for the blockchain sector,Wachsman Ireland.

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