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OKEx Celebrates Margin Trading V3 API Launch With a Competition to Give Away 10,000 USDT

Leading Bitcoin exchange and cold storage platform OKEx has announced an interactive trading competition to commemorate the API launch of its Margin Trading platform. The interactive competition carries a winner’s prize to be won of USDT 5,000 accompanied by a promotional period of the trading platform in which users will be able to enjoy 50% discount on the interest rate on trade made via the Margin platform.

OKEx announced the trading competition and the active promotion in a post on its Twitter feed that said:

Celebrating our margin trading V3 API launch, we’re holding a competition to give away 10,000 $USDT and offering 50% discount on the interest rate. There’s never been a better time than now to trade on margin!

The trading competition, coined as the Margin Trading Competition by OKEx, will be active from October 11 to October 18 and the top 10 traders will be rewarded with different prizes in USDT. This includes USDT 5,000 to be won for the 1st place, USDT 3,000 for the 2nd, USDT 1,500 for the third and USDT 500 each from 4th place to the 10th.

The competition terms and conditions announced by OKEx are as follows:

  • The prize will be credited to the user’s wallet within 3 working days after the promotion ends.
  • The ranking is updated daily during weekdays and is inactive on weekends.
  • Malicious trading, use of multiple accounts or any anomalous behavior to gain an unfair advantage will result in awards being forfeited from the particular participant.
  • OKEx reserves the right of final decision in settlement of disputes.

OKEx, the most trusted digital trading platform is keeping itself rather busy in interactive competitions. The Margin Trading competition announcement was preceded by another celebration giveaway initiative. Following listing of CoinAll, OKEx asked its user base to follow OKEx and CoinAll Twitter accounts and fill out a form to get a chance to win 10 USDT. The 10 winners of this competition are to be drawn on October 12 HKT.

The full OKEx announcement on Margin Trading competition and discount on interest rate can be found here.

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