Nuls’ CEO Talks About the Project’s Team

Blockchain technology has usages beyond the limits of just the financial market. Nuls is a project that aims at using this technology in the enterprise and business arena. Recently, BlockPublisher got in touch with the Chief Executive Officer of Nuls, Liesa Huang, to inquire more about its team.

Talking about the team being local or global, Liesa stated:

Of course NULS has an international team. We have core team members from China, South Korea, the United States, Australia and so on, our community expands across the globe. Currently, we also have 9 community ambassadors from 9 different countries/regions. They help to lead the community and spread the ideas of NULS.

Unlike the projects that have a local team, Nuls expands its reach beyond the boundaries of one country only. Further adding on to her statements, Liesa stated:

We also have a Community Core Development Team. Yes, we’re building a group of community developers and now some community members are already working along with our core team developers toward the same goals! CCDT is the backbone of the NULS technical community and members need to be approved by the community to join CCDT. Now there are five members in CCDT and all of them thoroughly recognize NULS’ vision, and are willing to devote their passion, time and efforts to the NULS project!

The blockchain technology has usages beyond just the operations involving money. As a result of the decentralized framework presented forward by blockchain, a transparent fabric of operations is established. All the operations taking place on a blockchain network are visible to all and as a result of this, all the suspicious activities can be traced. This feature makes blockchain usable in frameworks where transparency is of ultimate importance.

Besides, Nuls presents forward a modular framework to its users. As a result of this, businesses can have their own sidechains. Cross-chain communication is also made easier so that businesses get ample opportunities to grow, mature and get benefits.

Nuls is one interesting project to look out for and participation from team members from all across the globe just adds to its value. As the market saturates and the crypto projects start to wipe out, it will be interesting to see how Nuls tackles the situation.

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