Not a Fan of Bitcoin? Here Are Five Coins You Can Consider

If you have recently discovered the crypto world and are not a fan of bitcoin, we have you covered. Bitcoin hasn’t been doing well recently and if you are looking to make a switch then here are some alternatives that you can consider. All these coins offer something valuable and can one day be to in a position to compete with bitcoin, actually some already are.

Ripple: The Rival

Ripple came out in 2012 and has become a hip item especially for online payments and digital currency. The reason why it became popular is the easy conversion into different currencies and we are not just talking about fiat. Yeap, you guessed it, Ripple can be converted into bitcoin and vice versa.

While it compliments bitcoin, it can also very well be a competitor. With a market cap of $220 million, Ripple is the second world’s largest digital currency.

Ethereum: The Challenge Machine

As you know, Ethereum has gotten a lot of attention over time. People know it as much as they know Bitcoin. What we mean to say is that it is now part of the conversation. Thanks to cryptocollectibles!

It more than a digital currency, it’s a platform where developers can code stuff and power that software through a public blockchain. Individuals then sell their processing power and get paid by ether. It is the third largest cryptocurrency according to market capitalization, having $1 billion to its name.

Litecoin: The Liteweight Champion

Litecoin doesn’t come in slow. Being launched back in 2011, it is one of the older alternatives.

Sharing a lot of similarities with Bitcoin, it has its differences too which makes it the fourth in the leader board. It operates through algorithms, just like bitcoin, but they are easier to solve in comparison. Litecoin creates a block every 2.5 minutes as compared to bitcoin which tends to take somewhere around 10 minutes.

Steem: Getting it Steemy in Cryptoverse!

Although this one has lost its game this one is more interesting than the rest. If you are interested in earning some cryptocurrency for you works then you can offer your services to steem. You can write and curate articles, rate, and comment on them too to getting steem.

Instead of mining or buying, you have to contribute to the community to get some of it.

EOS: The Ethereum Competitor

This one gives a tough fight to Ethereum and has gained momentum in the past year. It is a blockchain platform for the development of decentralized applications, similar to Ethereum in function. (CoinCentral)


Bitcoin isn’t losing its place anytime soon but it is good to know that there are various other equally good options to choose from.


Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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