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“No One Really Knows What Sort Of Exposure The ETF/Bakkt Will Bring”, Admits Investor Joseph Young

The majority of the people relevant to the crypto market are of the view that all the cryptos need is an ETF or some sort of project like Bakkt as it will bring the cryptos to the world being the grossly acclaimed application of the cryptos. But the analyst and crypto investor Joseph Young suggests that as effective as this might sound to us, such projects will hardly bring any change or in case they are destined to bring something on the table, no one is sure what it will be and to what extent. With this Young turns out attention to another widely used object incorporated so much deeper into our lives, we cannot imagine it otherwise. The renowned mobile phone brand, Samsung is know around the globe as being the best seller of such mobile devices contending with Apple for the top place. With Samsung coming up with the Galaxy S10, one must wonder in case they combine it with the crypto and incorporate it with their mobile devices, the impact will be impeccable. Greater will be the impact as from any other project like an ETF or the project Bakkt as the mobile devices have place in about every home and is a part of every single life over the entire globe. The application must be viable with the mobile device and if all the pieces set rightly into place, the result would be glorious and quite fruitful for the cryptos. BlockPublisher got to discuss the situation with Young and was able to draw some comments from the very person about his opinion.

Though no one knows what the ETF or Bakkt will bring on the table for the cryptos, in case Samsung incorporates cryptos into its Galaxy S10, the impact will surely be mid blowing.

With a lot of attention over the ETFs and the projects like Bakkt for the exposure that these will bring for the cryptos, people are having second thoughts over these sorts as even though the incumbent authorities will not allow any of these to appear over the public scene.

Samsung Galaxy S10 incorporating cryptos into the very mobile device can bring much light towards the cryptos as this as per Young’s statement this can be the epitome of exposure for the cryptos in this era of handheld  technology.

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