No Need for an Off-Chain Solution with Bitcore at the Moment, Says Thomas Casper

Scalability has been an issue that is linked with the blockchain world since its inception. Whether its the bitcoin or ethereum network, the number of transactions that take place on a particular blockchain based network are limited. If transaction load on a particular network exceeds limit, the system gets clogged. This has been an issue with almost all the major cryptocurrencies of the world and all of them are looking to overcome this shortcoming presented by blockchain. Different solutions like off-chain transactions have been presented forward for solving the ever-important issue of scalability. But as for Bitcore, a community-driven digital payment solution, this does not seem to be a problem as of yet.

Talking to BlockPublisher, the Head of Administration at Bitcore BTX, Thomas Casper suggested that currently there is no need for the Bitcore to try out alternatives for increasing scalability on its network. It seems as the product is growing, all the future advancements and network improvements are based on how Bitcore is accepted and used in the crypto space. In a reply to the issue of scalability, he suggested that the public demand and usage will steer the direction for further improvements in the Bitcore ecosystem. He said;

Well actually there’s no need for an off-chain solution with Bitcore at the moment. Offer and demand will speak for itself.

Scalability is the essentially limit to which the number of transactions occur on a blockchain network in a particular time frame. Since the number of users on a network can grow exponentially, their interaction with each other through transactions can clog the entire network if simultaneous transactions are made by them all at once.

In order to tackle this issue, solutions like “off-chain” transactions have sprung up along with the passage of time. In order to operate smoothly, users can perform their peer-to-peer interaction with each other apart from the main blockchain network. When the off-chain transactions between the users are complete and both the involved parties signal the completion, then the final transactions can be made on the main blockchain network. In this way, different users can communicate with each other at the same time apart from the main blockchain network and hence, the scalability of the entire network is increased.

When asked about the demand exceeding the Bitcore network’s capabilities, Thomas stated that Bitcore’s developers are well equipped to handle the situation. He said;

… our devs have no fear to investigate and improve the blockchain.

The Bitcore team seems fully motivated and ready to solve any kind of problems arising from the expected exceeding demand in the future. Bitcore seems open to any kind of new solutions to the issues currently present in the blockchain world.

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