No Means No On Blockchain!

Where do we start? Let’s go back to history for a moment. Somewhere in 2014, a consensual sex app was introduced. It had hoped to encourage clearer and better communicatoon between the consensialing adults. The app doesn’t exist any more. We’ll say its most definitely not a shocker! The thing is consent is much more complicated than that.

Surprise? Surprise!

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Now, in its place comes another app which shares a similar concept. The all-men co-founders have presented “LegalFlings” its an app which is to be released yet. It uses the blockchain technology to effeciently decentralize the users privare information if whether they’re interested to have sex with someone or not. If only it was as simple as that!

Things are a Bit Fuzzy


It’s seriously not clear if the creators of “LegalFling” has looked at the many problems which might occur with high-tech sexual consent. The app aims to redefine safe sex. However, it’s already raising the same questions as its predecessors and we’re honestly not surprised a tad bit.

Hopes For Making Sex Simpler Than Ever

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The LegalFling app is in hopes to couples as a simple app and even features a Tindr-esque buttion to say yes or no for giving in their consent to sex. It actually comes from a legal dociment tracking company and it completely makes sense that its more focussed on creating a legally binding agreement between the two parteners.

We believe that’s probably not a good thing because there are many factors that need to be kept in mind because its rather impractical and has dubious ethical consideration. Rather, its quite unrealistic in our opinion. How do you ask someone to sign a contract before the fun starts to begin? “Oh, hey will you swipe right before we begin to do it?” It could be a major turn off and even super awkward!!

Consent isn’t Simple

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Let’s just get real for a minute. Consent isn’t as simple as clicking a button. Especially, a person should have the liberty to change his or her mind at any time. Moreover, chanfing your mind about consent and sex shouldn’t be such a huge burden and a hassle. Even though LegalFlings has made it pretty clear that there is always room to change your answer and to incliude terms for what you a safe consensual experience.

“No” means “No” at any time. Being passed out as well means “No” at any time. This is very clearly and explicity stated in the agreement. The user can also withdraw consent with a single click. The problem remains, its murky how these apps play out in real life situations and especailly in situations where the person would want to withdraw their consent at any moment.

Blockchain Can’t Fix Everything

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From a birds eye view. The blockchain fix seems as if it can really redefine sex. It does sounds like the real life encounters with an app which uses blockchain technology can fix problems from the real life and can make the hooking up culture much smoother and easier. However, there are some decsions that can’t just be replaced by even the blockchain.

The truth is real life situations are much more complicated than that and consent is something which is much more complex and delicate than a button on a screen. What do you really think of this app which uses blockchain technology? Do you think this app could lead to sexual assaults? Comment below and leave your thoughts with us!

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