NEO Considering Office In Malta, According To GM Global Development

NEO blockchain and cryptocurrency platform, which is also labeled as the Chinese Ethereum is looking to open a constituent office in the European region of Malta. Participating at the Delta Summit Blockchain Conference in Malta, General Manager of Global Development Zhao Chen spoke at length about the NEO blockchain, its long term focus and details on its bounty program. Zhao also discussed the Maltese region and its importance to the blockchain space.

Zhao shared views about the prospect of opening a NEO office in Malta while speaking to EAK Digital in an interview with host Erhan Korhaliller. EAK provided exclusive content to BlockPublisher from the interview, where Zhao said:

This is our first visit to Malta. Definitely we like to look into this opportunity.

He also pointed out the potential importance of Malta to the blockchain world, sharing thoughts about the support and encouragement he felt from the Maltese regionals in the blockchain space. He further said:

I can feel all the regulators, this whole jurisdiction is very supportive of blockchain industry.

Zhao’s speech at the summit was titled as “Building the ‘Smart Economy’: Digital Assets, Digital Identity & Smart contracts”. He talked about NEO’s work in bringing together the concept of Digital Identities and Digital Assets and shared his own journey through blockchain.

The 2018 edition of Delta Summit took place from October 3rd-5th at the InterContinental Malta, which claims to be “Malta’s official platform” to enhance blockchain and crypto and to highlight the government’s efforts to establish Malta as a pioneer in embracing blockchain. The event catered to several Maltese government regulators and officials, including the Malta Information Technology Agency, Malta Communications Authority, Malta Gaming Authority and Malta Financial Services Authority.

Other noteworthy speakers participating at the event included Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, American venture capital investor Tim Draper, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, Bitcoin pioneer Roger Ver, and Malta’s Minister of Finance, Edward Scicluna.

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