NEM Opens Up Blockchain Incubation Centre in Malaysia

The NEM foundation has announced the opening of a new blockchain startup incubation centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 4. The announcement was made in a Twitter post where pictures from the new space were also shared.

With almost 11,000-square-feet of space, NEM Blockchain Centre Kuala Lumpur is the largest of its kind in the region that is rapidly becoming widely operated by blockchain technology.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain platform is looking to expand outreach globally and partner with various projects and companies to deploy on the NEM ecosystem. The company revealed that the NEM blockchain centre (NBC) aims to incubate and help kickstart various blockchain startups and it is an important part of their outreach program. The NBC structure will not only be limited to Malaysia and will be spread across the wider Southeast Asian region and its nearby locations.

When asked by BlockPublisher about the core functionality of NEM Blockchain Centre and if Malaysia was an important geographical destination for it, NEM said:

NBC in KL was designed to incubate and propel blockchain startups not only for Malaysia but in the entire Southeast Asia and nearby regions.

NEM’s ideation behind the creation of a blockchain incubation centre is to provide a co-working space for the like minded blockchain enthusiasts and to help them keep up to date with the blockchain technology. The NBC space aims to provide efficient support and state-of-the-art IT and internet services to its users.

A key feature of NEM Blockchain Centre is provision of blockchain education for beginners to know and learn about blockchain all in one place. The NBC website offers features for potential startup developers that can become a part of its setup in Kuala Lumpur. Apart from deals for desks and private offices to be availed, it promises weekly blockchain events that cater to further exposure for partner startups. It also features round the clock 24 hour office access and train service to NEM Blockchain Centre.

Razi Khan

Researcher, Electrical Engineer and a teacher, Razi is one who takes great intrigue in the prospects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies (BTC in particular) while contributing a critical approach over the subject regularly. Contact the editor at editor.news@blockpublisher.com

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