NavCoin Introduces NavCollab in its Ecosystem

NavCoin platform has released the NavCollab channel in its ecosystem, which is a new collaborative program for the NavCoin user base. The ideation behind NavCollab is to make collaboration among NavCoin communities from all over the globe easier and effective, which NavCoin claims to be imperative to reach full potential. It is important to note that NavCollab is not a communication platform like Discord and Telegram, but an addition to communication channels to help find the right people for a project idea.

NavCollab presents collaboration as its core idea and according to NavCoin, it will help like minds from different communities to come together and start building ideas into reality. The NavCollab introduction was given by NavCoin via a post on their Twitter feed that said:

NavCollab is the new addition to the NavCoin ecosystem with community collaboration at it’s core. The aim is to make it easy for members to start a project or search for existing projects, find complimenting team members and turn ideas into reality.

NavCoin describes its usability in 3 main cases.

  • To get feedback from others over a rough idea.
  • To get help to work on a project.
  • To look for others to help them over a project.

This way, the NavCollab forum works as a “town square” for NavCoin where different sets of people can collaborate over any of their projects and it is built so that everyone can see the work being done by any community.

Chief Strategist at Encrypt S and contributor to NavCoin, Kieren Hyland told BlockPublisher:

The main problem it solves in my mind is having content that’s more permanent. Our other channels are great for chatting/discussions, but this allows someone to create a permanent space dedicated to one project/area.

NavCollab also gives users the functionality to create a new project and a section for the site dedicated to that very project. Moreover, users can create their own profile to exhibit their skills and interests for others to consider them to work on a specific project. Hyland continued:

Chats are less likely to get lost with time, and it’s easier for other people to jump in & out. It also provides a nice overview so that you can see all the different projects being worked on.

NavCollab is one of the featured projects that the NavCoin platform has been working over. Their roadmap discusses other features which are set to be introduced in the future. This includes the release of Community Fund, which is a change to the consensus mechanism to allow project contributors to receive funding to work on their project. Nav is currently looking to make NavCollab more useful, according to Kieren Hyland. He added:

But ultimately – a platform is only good if people use it. So the focus for now is on making it intuitive & easier to use.

NavCoin platform also looks set to introduce Lightning Network, which provides a network to allow instant cross chain transactions between NAV and other supported cryptocurrencies on the NAV wallet.

Razi Khan

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