Natasha Bansgopaul and Her Fight For Her Bitcoin Space

We are so used to seeing men in position of power that we often assume that if anyone is holding such a post, they must be male. But we are all about hyping our females out there making a mark so this one is for someone who is fighting not only a gender battle but also for her race.

Introducing a Fighter: Natasha Bansgopaul

Being a black, female entrepreneur in the fintech space is not a simple battle but Natasha Bansgopaul is setting a benchmark for all women out there. She is also the co-founder of DarcMatter, a fintech platform for alternative investment that has been in operation for five years now. The mission of the company is to connect fund managers raising capital with investors to hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital funds.

In a dialogue with NewsBTC she said that the platform is an innovative way of replacing pen and paper with efficient digital solutions. She thinks that there has been work however, many tasks in the alternative fund space are considered manual and require participation. Intermediaries and service providers have to be involved to reach agreement and the whole process is too much of an hassle. Time delays, lack of security and transparency between investors to connect with non-public alternative fund opportunities; all require a solution.

Besides the function, the name is what caught our attention so we dug deep to find what it really meant. The name according to Bansgopaul refers to actual dark matter in the universe which also serves a universal purpose.

Financial services is very much like dark matter, in the sense that it is very large, complex, and a difficult to understand ecosystem, yet crucially important to the world daily,” she said. “DarcMatter, the platform, was built to essentially be a force of it’s own within fintech, where we are using fintech to make the complexities of the market significantly more efficient.” via @newsBTC

An industry that is full of fraud and lacks transparency, blockchain has the ability to eradicate it.

DarcMatter wasn’t set to be out till 2020 but due to the hype and excitement around blockchain, the team decided to move ahead with the development of blockchain. However, the technology is still in its initial stages, users can become active participants.

Honestly, as a black woman, a founder in financial technology, with global operations, I am pretty much always in the minority.”

What keeps her going is that she finds the blockchain and crypto space refreshing. She believes that more women are rising and being more open about their role when it come to this.

For Bonsgopaul, she thinks that being in this channel, where not one but two identities are affecting her, women in this stream are more thoughtful leaders.

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