Nano Releases Patch v16.1 To Fix Sync Issues Faced In v16

Nano has today released their patch 16.1 that resolves node syncing issues faced in version 16. In the latest update, Nano development team claims to have made further advancements to their app and wallet services, while also fixing bugs to improve performance. Nano has become an important digital asset of late, having faced an encouraging August month, while many major cryptos have suffered. Nano announced the release of version 16.1 in a Twitter post that said:

Version 16.1 of the Nano node software has been released. This version looks to resolve the node syncing issues that users faced on version 16.

The major changes implemented in the latest version include changes to the service UDP. There also have been several enhancements and bug fixes, that include resizing of the stack to 8MB to match Linux operating system, increasing stack size for Windows builds, solving syncing speed that deteriorated after a while and fixing the desktop crashing in Windows.

Nano Explained

Nano cryptocurrency was discovered to solve scalability issues among the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It aims to fill in the gap left by these. It was founded to solve scalability issues of BTC and the proof-of-work consensus mechanism that runs on it due to which it takes a lot of power for a single transaction. Along with the improvement in transaction speeds and reduced fee, Nano also aims to use the block lattice concept where each account holder of Nano maintains a private blockchain and each block contains a single transaction.

With its decentralization capability, Nano operates in a way that it cannot be mined. It incorporates a proof-of-stake mechanism and consensus obtained through voting. This gives protection from the centralization in the mining procedure. It has, however, has major listings on its name, that include KuCoin, OKEx, BitFlip, and Binance, etc.

Nano’s exceptional August

Nano remained one of the most prominent names in the crypto market in August’s bear conditions and it reached the top spot as the best-performing digital asset. It rose 73.85% in the period and overtook over 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. It’s overall market cap also rose to more than $160 million in August and doubled from $260 million to $420 million (as per www.coinmarketcap.com).

The update release of Nano version 16.1 and detailed description of all enhancements can be found here.

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