More DApps Need to Be Deployed for Mass Blockchain Adoption – Anant Singh

The blockchain world may have their differences in opinion on all kind of subjects related to the technology, but there is a clear consensus on the fact that the solution to the adoption problem of blockchain is deployments of dApps which offer better UI, Ux and utility to the people using the space. The centralized app stores like the ones from Google and Apple have provided the people with infinite amount of applications with utility for everyday routines. Although it’s openly admitted that the blockchain technology has more potential and can topple the centralzied conventions, but in order to bring masses to the decentralized domain, more and more dApps are to be deployed on blockchain.

Anant Singh, the COO of the blockchain startup Buddy was of similar views relating to the blockchain adoption, talking to BlockPublisher, he explained his views while also advertising his project which aimed to provide tools for developers to make blockchain development easier for blockchain, further saying,

Mass adoption needs more dapps & to have more dapps we need more developers, in order for new developers to come into blockchain we need more tools & provide an easy choice. Thats what buddy is doing.

Identifying the problem of blockchain adoption and the deployment of dApps on top of the technology, more startups and companies are focusing to contribute to blockchain by inviting developers to blockchain by providing tools (Buddy) or incentives. Blockstack has recently tweaked their mining process to contribute to blockchain adoption by adding app mining into their ecosystem. The app-mining procedure simply incentivizes developers for making applications with better utility using Blockstack. The CEO of Blockstack, Muneeb Ali also vouched for the development of dApps on blockchain with general purpose use. He stated talking to BlockPublisher,

General-purpose decentralized apps may end up being the “killer use case” of blockchains.

Similarly, the CEO of Karmaship, Alfa Warrior also identified another problem that’s keeping blockchain from reaching mass adoption. He said that the place where blockchain is lagging at the moment is the portion of UI and UX, Apple and Google is providing state of the art user interfaces that it is difficult for the users to move to a different technology which is still in its infancy. The solution? Simply general purpose d-applications with better UI and UX.

Shehryar Hasan

Performing artist, guitarist and sub-editor at BlockPublisher. Shehryar is an electrical engineer and blockchain enthusiast. He holds investments in bitcoin, ethereum, OST, TRX and Ripple. Email: shehryar@blockpublisher.com or contact the editor at editor.news@blockpublisher.com

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