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MobileGo Announces Strict Consequences Against People Spreading False Rumors

MobileGo has had enough with all the criticism and from now onward, will not be tolerating any kind of complaints or negative feedback. The company has strictly announced to go against people, asking for unreasonable demands, in courts.

Things stirred up when one of the user tweeted the message received from MobileGo CEO Sergey Sholom. Sergery Sholom has been very concerned with the reputation of his token. He strictly wants to prevent all the rumors from gaining people’s attention as he fears that it could undermine the value of his token.

The tweet posted, showed the messages of ICO issuer. The CEO of MobileGo threatened to sue investors and journalists who showed any kind of disapproval related to operations or workings of the company. According to the message, Sergey Sholom had allotted substantial budget for his lawyers to deal matters in court.

The message was published on MobileGo’s channel where people were warned to not claim something from company they were not entitled for. People were instructed to discuss and clear out any ambiguity over mail but any sort of false claims, threats or demands would be subjected to litigation.

Adding to this news, a former worker at MobileGo has brought the internal affairs of the company into daylight. Samad Sajanlal, a cryptocurrency consultant, has shared his experience while he was working for MobileGo.

He explained the background and events that led to the formation of MobileGo. According to him, GameCredits (GAME) was trying its best to become widely accepted cryptocurrency in the world of games. The vision was to make sure that a cryptocurrency for gamers was devised and launched on any platform such as Steam, or any other underdeveloped platform.

In 2016, GAME was offered help by a company, Datcroft, which was under the leadership of Sergey and Maxim Sholom. They promised to spread GAME in the gaming world and get thousands of users in an year. But unfortunately, despite so many vows, not a single claim made is implemented to today’s date.

Still working for GAME, Sergey and Maxim decided to raise ICO for Datcroft’s own cryptocurrency called MobileGO ($MGO). And they successfully even managed to raise $53 million in the ICO. After that MobileGo came in to reality. Since then, Sergey and Maxim had been working for their own interests in a very shrewd way.

The conspiracy

One day after an update posted on the platform on GameCredits, Sergey and Maxim called for an urgent meeting. At the meeting, they fired workers by blaming them and developers for the attacks faced on GameCredits platform following the update. They were criticizing the employees, but in reality they were hiring people for their own company and offering them to work for GNation like they were for GameCredits. After holding workers responsible, they left them with the option of joining GNation or simply getting fired. One of the employee, when asked about his decision to chose from the options, straightforwardly addressed Sergey and said:

We were hired to work on GameCredits. That is what our interview consisted of, that is what the job description consisted of, and that is what we will do. We will work on MGO if you provide clear requirements of what you want and not fluffy shit.

Sholom brothers were trying to implement the vision of GameCredits for their GNation and running a conspiracy simultaneously to hire the employees of GameCredits. The idea behind the launch of MGO was to allow tokens for E-sports, Sholom brothers wished to steal work labor of GameCredits for achieving their goals.


As developers were dismayed with unauthentic and deceptive brothers in-charge of everything, they decided to unite under GameCredits Foundation platform, founded by themselves. Jack Kuveke confirmed the news on reddit where he further explained the aim of GameCredits Foundation. He said:

P.S. Right now there is a group of long time community members, blockchain developers, whales, and other former team members who are in the process of establishing the ‘GameCredits Foundation’. The purpose of the foundation is to create a transparent and independent organization that builds blockchain resources using GAME for the gaming industry. This organization will most likely be self funded through a mixture of contract work (potentially helping other blockchain projects) and donations (either from foundation members or community members).

So it’s pretty obvious now that as Sholom brothers had not fairly treated and fulfilled their responsibilities, they are expecting the aggressive payback by many unhappy people. The strictness and significance Sholoms are now installing in the steps against people criticizing them for their cryptocurrency is merely because they fear unfavorable consequences because of their deeds in past. Therefore, realizing the necessity of taking aforementioned bold actions in response, Sholoms are trying to safeguard their interests.

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