‘MMT is Nihilist While Bitcoin (BTC) is Aspirational’: CEO/CIO Three Arrows Capital

Su Zhu paints a vivid comparison between the MMT and the bitcoin's p2p structure pointing to the clear interface that differentiates the two.

The chief executive officer and the chief information officer for the Three Arrows Capital,  Su Zhu, etches a clear boundary between the Mobile Money Transfer colloquially termed as MMT and the bitcoin’s peer-to-peer criterion that invokes the power of the people who are actually using it. Though Zhu can be biased over his opinion as to what is the best option of the two, but the description analysis and the elaborate comparison depicts the truth in Zhu’s statement. The usage of MMT has been well promoted but the likes of cryptos which on the front-end work the same but differ in the underlying framework and the powering technology. As Zhu suggests, MMT does not want any new comer come knocking at its door and intends to claim the digital market, all to itself. MMT, as per Zhu himself, is the digital compliance of government’s continuous interference in us dealing with our own money bringing in the corporate element that the crypto fans abhor. The CEO/CIO of Three Arrows Capital, also defines bitcoin’s strategic delivery of the power and sovereignty to the people via the p2p platform. BlockPublisher was able to extract some technical remarks from Zhu over the discourse that he sowed the seeds of.

MMT is the direct impact of the authorities over the digital monetary arena. The concept is to believe the what we already have is enough and needs no improvement but requires a central eye to oversee everything. Bitcoin’s p2p network ensures that each individual is able to grab on to the power and induces self-sovereignty powered by decentralization.

The mobile money transfer is usually considered as the same as cryptos as the method includes uploading the monetary assets to the digital cloud and dealing with it. It might sound much similar, but it differs in the back-end processes a lot.

As cryptos emerged on the scene, many other bootleg means have been created so as to copy the front layer as accurately as possible leaving the back-end the same and under the corporate control which is the reason the cryptos were given a form to begin with.

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