#MeToo Movement In China: Assault Victims Use Blockchain To Document Assaults After Xi Ping Uses The Great Firewall Censors

We all know all there is to know about China, things are pesky but they keep getting peskier and peskier as more and more information surfaces. The censorship has gone beyond the joke content they were capable of producing and it is the activists and citizens who can not live in a totalitarian look-alike regime that promises to be based on egalitarian ideas to pose as friends when they really are unprogressive, un-woke and violent in nature. The people of the People’s Republic of China, have spoken!

If you do not want your opinion to be silenced you should have the right to keep it right? Wrong. What seems natural to us, is easily curtailed in most dictatorial regimes, communist nations, and totalitarian states. But, technology is rarely in the people’s favor until now. Turns out Chinese women are feisty and they do not take a ‘shut up’ call for an answer. Game-changer: Blockchain!

Yes, China does not know what Googling stuff feels like, Yes, the Chinese do not know what the actual Facebook is and what the real shit-posting on Twitter is all about. Turns out so many of the people do not care for their freedoms anyway.

They haven’t tasted from the sinful devil’s cup of expression and speech, liberty and freedom, human rights and security after all. Sad? Perhaps, there is still hope. Not in terms of things changing through changing power relations and political rules but through its very people who form the Republic of China.

This is the first time people are ready to speak against the regimes in China since Tiananmen Square 1989, where 1,022 civilians died for protesting.

Students began the #MeToo movement in China, it was all on the grassroots level and before it could catch momentum the government did what it does best, it censored it all. It censored words, hashtags, similar words, similar hashtags, similar ideas, social media posts and news that wanted to show the victims coming out and sharing their stories.

The Chinese government and technology platforms made repeated attempts to filter out such stories by censoring a variety of hashtags and keywords that campaigners used on Weibo and Wechat. First, woyeshi was censored, and then #MeToo, and finally “Rice Bunny”, which has the same pronunciation as “Me Too” in Chinese. 

Then, the creative Chinese, yes those exist, haven’t you ever seen the 10x copies of Gucci bags that have 3 c’s instead of 2? Well, if you’ve been to Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia or any far eastern country for that matter you must have, anyway, the creative Chinese came up with memes to help tell their stories as students being assaulted or harassed by professors, guidance counselors, supervisors and what not.

The campaigners turned to blockchain technology to record their stories under the name “Every Snowflake.” This website simply uses a blockchain ledger process to record stories about sexual harassment.

The institutes refused to comment and tried to pin it all on the women, haven’t we all seen the Netflix Original You right, this shit is the common man. But, governments ensuring that people speak a language that only the government accepts, is a way to validate every crappy little thing that hides in Chinese society today, including rape, violence, killing and using your power to get absolutely and fucking favor in return.

“Every Snowflake” is proof that where the government, law, family, society or the world fails us, we will have the technologies such as the unbeatable blockchain to help us take the next few steps in sass.  The blockchain is ordinary, but the growing pains around us, all call for it, especially where data integrity is essential, it is transformative, only some see the beauty before the other follower sheep.

People the growing tech sphere knows better, it knows its technology sometimes better than the government, especially because the tech is getting better at getting stronger and the vitality of knowing it all is increasing through the sad realities that prevail in the thickest nooks and crannies of the world.


Khunsha Javed

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