MetaMask Brings You The Future To Your PC

I was wondering if blockchain could be experienced before i try to gauge how easy or hard it must be to adapt to it. I came across MetaMask during the research. It is kinda funny that people have been long onto it and enjoying the experience of future without having to wait for it. The description read:

MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

MetaMask i basically the ride to the decentralised apps. The service allows users to use these apps through a relatively easier user interface and with an adequate amount of web security.

The secure identity vault helps users to manage their online identities on different sites and sign up for blockchain based updates, businesses and monetary transactions.

Reviews had people going crazy. Most of them talked about how it is one of the easiest way to spend their tokens and various lesser known currencies. Not all wallets and websites are made with visually appealing interfaces, and some places, some apps and tech startups do not care for the looks of it at all. 

This is an easy development tool in trying to utilize Web3 and for building on Ethereum. It is perhaps one of the only ways for people to interact directly with Ethereum apps as of now.

They have an early mover advantage and they have already made a name for themselves. (I just recently found out, but people know a lot more about it and they swear by it) However, as reviews suggested it will have to work on the UX if they want to stay ahead.

It is an easy for to use ETH, but it is still not as interactive or as good looking as a standard e-commerce platform that we are accustomed to using. This is perhaps a problem for the makers and they know it better than i do to fix it. It is Comfortable to use, nonetheless. Also, people have reported that the interface can be quite slow. This is specifically true for using cryptokitties through it.

It is good because it is the only one. It is bad because it is not the best that Ethereum could do, there is a lot more that needs to be done. This is a smart prototype at best.

It has been a simpler and convenient way to pay for CryptoKitties at least. CryptoKitties helped it gain popularity in the first place. Now it is them who are clogging up the system. How sad and ironic right?
However, it is a super interesting tool, the potential is promising. But, it is only wise for the network to make improvements before another service disrupts them and makes their work redundant.
Who’s made this? We can help you figure out better ways to refine the service and use customer feedback if interested. But, i was surely happy to discover it.
– Used MetaMask to buy ICOs and CryptoKitties.
You tell us your views on it? Have you tried it? Do you know of another better one?

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