MegaCryptoPolis: Monopoly Meets Sim City Meets FarmVille?

MegaCryptoPolis is like building a whole monopoly universe online, in a virtual land, playing it with real money, winning real things and never getting bored.

The game has been under a critical eye and its own developers have remained inconsistent and doubt laden ever since its inception to announcement through its initial release. But, it did launch and the game quickly gained interest of the blockchain game enthusiasts.

Like a standard monopoly board the game has various kinds of lands, the value of land depends on what is on it, how much development has taken place and how many people have bought neighboring land. This gets complicated and lets use the Okham’s Razor to not further complicate it.

Another analogous game is FarmVille’, this was a social media success globally and it took major attention and kind of helped form the initial generation of the get-up-in-the-night-to-update-my-game audience for the social media games and mobile apps.

This could be a game changer for blockchain based games. The games is also quite similar to Sim City, the original one, but this has a more detailed gameplay. We like the sound of this added plot line better. It adds more character to the whole game.

The game is quite incentive driven, this means at all points it incentivizes its players to play more and earn a good load of reward. This includes the fact that district owners share taxes. The incentives also include the greater reward for those who build and reach to the level of building Megabuildings. The premise of the game is the more your influence points, the more you can earn in revenue and thus it translates into your over all score and winnings. Everything is interconnected with each other in the game. For example, the amount of taxes received by each player depends on their share of total influence points within every game cycle.

Rewards are determined randomly, depending on the amount of Scores each participant possesses. The booty program offers good stuff for those interested in availing it. Here is how to apply:

1. Join Telegram or Discord channel
2. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and tag us in a post
3. Share your experience on Reddit
4. Set a signature on Bitcointalk forum
5. Make a video review or write an article about the game

Anyone can enlist for the Bounty Campaign. Find it interesting? Try your luck and taste! Goodluck!

Khunsha Javed

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