MegaCryptoPolis, Here’s How It Works

We have already established that MegaCryptoPolis is just like a digital, blockchain based Monopoly, FarmVille, Sim City amalgamation, that is packaged in good looking graphics and fine possibilities.

The plot line is better, and unlike the rest, this one is forever and placed in virtual reality. The game really allows players to immerse in the experience. The game has been launched, and the first few districts have been sold. So in case my under the rock homies are lost, lets explore it and see what the game is all about.

Basically people start off by buying their land. The land is based in a city whose map is only half unlocked, the city offers a variety of plots and districts. The players can buy either a whole district or buy a plot on a district that is already bought by another player.

Once the District has an owner, other players can begin to buy land blocks and start building on them. To buy a whole district players participate in an auction. The highest bidder wine the land. The land is allotted to the winner once the bid is unchallenged for more than 7 days and thus, selling the land.

This twist allows users to pay taxes, kind of like Monopoly’s rent and leasing. These taxes are shared between the district owner, the developers and the city.

Once a person buys a plot, the value of all neighboring land rises within a defined radius. The city includes a diversified terrain, this can be seen on the map, there are rivers, beaches, forests, urban and farm land.

Building on the block increases lands value. The owned land can be used to build various buildings just like Sim City. The buildings are also varied, they can be upgraded as per the player’s level and improved with money and time. It is a builder tycoon game with real money after all.

The land blocks come in categories: Grass, stone, water, meadow, sand or beaches, roads, forests, highways. Not all of these can be purchased, the water, roads, forests, highways and beach blocks for example can not be. The ones that can bought are: Grass, meadow and stone. While construction of buildings is only possible on grass and meadow land, the stone blocks are used to mine resources such as the ore that drives the city. The economy of the game allows users to purchase and trade by making real life money out of it.

The game uses a token to trade, duh!

Then there are Megabuildings and the twin buildings built on two plots or blocks, these are possible at level 5 and above. The plot develops and thickens as the game progresses, what do you think about it?

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