MegaCryptoPolis Can Make You Rich!

District owner can then withdraw full amount of Ether on his balance by pressing the corresponding button and signing a transaction. Spare land plots are those not yet purchased by players. District owner has the power to define the price of each spare plot of land by changing district tax.

District owner also receives commission from every preowned land plot sold within his region on the integrated marketplace.

Core advantage of having a trade on internal marketplace for land plot owner, besides comfort is an ability for his offer to be publicly listed on the game map (with “For sale” badge) — doing so on external marketplace will not show sale status on the gaming map.

In order to sell your district ownership rights please open District information page and press ”Sell” button. You will be asked to define the offer type: it may be an auction (with initial price and bid amount set by you) or a fixed price.

Other players will have 7 days to make a higher bid, otherwise district will be awarded to the player who has made the last highest bid. In case someone makes a new bid all the Ether sent by previous participant will be refunded directly to his wallet.

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