Meet Luna: It will help you Find Love Mathematically!

The whitepaper shares some interesting details on how Luna works.

We have seen TinderFails go viral. This is whereby your hotshot Tinder match is a freak show or even worse a no show or a date raper in real life. It is such a turn off to hear such things happen. Then people fool you with all the filters and emojis and the selfies taken from either very good cameras or really bad ones. Photographs, age, history, ideologies all can be very misleading while dating online. Luna is working on it whilst solving a whole lotta other problems.

Problems that affect awkward people because nobody told us the recipe to a social interaction success. Just because i am awkward or shy does not mean that i am a bad date. But i might have a bad dating fate as opposed to those more aware and trained on the subject. Luna is helping people to bridge the social interaction gap in improving the dating experience for all.

Behavior is something that can be such a turn off during active chats and real life interactions. Tinder shows more sophisticated adverts sometimes than the kind of people it offers you to match up with. Inappropriate behavior, unwanted D-pics and cuss words are number one reason why so many Tinder chats are empty today.

Luna will use machine learning to find you the best matches. Algorithms are trained via your behavior in platform, and refined with opt-in feedback from your experience in person. It is like Google saying that please use my search engine so i can help optimize what your search results.
To try to solve the gender imbalance in dating-app messaging Luna functions on its Star Token. Star mechanism normalizes attention distribution, reducing spam and empty inboxes. You can choose how many new connections you’d like each day. If there are additional incoming conversations, users attach Stars to prioritize their message.
When meeting in person, you’re invited to verify the meeting and provide compatibility feedback. This data is processed internally to train our machine learning algorithms on what matters — quality of connection. As Luna grows, so does the fidelity of each connection.
Compatibility feedback after real-world interactions trains algorithms, connecting technology to real life and keeping the network safe. This can cut down on the trolls, attackers, date rapers and make it the safest dating platform ever. 

Here is my favorite feature: Users can stake Stars when making offline plans, and lose their deposits if they don’t show up. Stood-up culture is the worst culture.

Here is my second favorite feature: Users can earn badges by donating a portion of their Stars to charities of their choice.

People can earn Stars by actions taken within the app, such as replying to messages within 36 hours.

A user can limit the number of messages he or she receives a day, but a wooer who is really keen on reaching them can add more stars to a message to bump him or herself to the top of the recipient’s queue.

If Luna’s algorithm thinks a pair are a great match, they get a discount to encourage them to message each other. Stars are expensive and they should discourage people from spamming each other with “copy and paste” messages.

Interesting right? Join and let us know what you think.

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