Medication Management Can Work Centralized if No Data is Collected, According to Analyst

Blockchain is taking over the world by decentralizing almost everything that can be imagined. All the applications and real life problems are being mapped on blockchain while the solutions are being looked into while the technology is still in infancy. There are many start-ups on blockchain which aim to remove the need of centralized servers and decentralize everything. For example, the cloud providers like Sia and Storj have revolutionized the way cloud storage was looked at. While CyberMiles, and Karmaship have aimed to hit the decentralized e-commerce and decentralized economy domains respectively. Similarly, health related projects are also being targeted.

Muneeb Ali, the CEO of Blockstack, recently pointed out that the medication management is a problem that needs to be targeted as it is one of the problems that could improve health significantly. He said in his tweet,

Medication management may sound like a “first world problem” but is highly effective in improving health.

The question that rose was that if we’re talking about medication management, there wouldn’t be much of a problem if the solutions are kept centralized since the domain didn’t show much security threats. To this, Ana-Maria Yanakieva, the investment analyst at Outlier Ventures replied talking to BlockPublisher saying,

If they were not data collectors, sure. Applications facilitate the transfer of value both from the underlying protocol to the user and from the user to the underlying protocol. Having a decentralised app like that cuts off the value fed back which in this case is medical data.

Her views simply point to the fact that if security threats are the problem, the applications can be made decentralized, but if there’s no such problem of data collection, middle men, hackers and things of this sort there’s no problem keeping the application centralized. Although the general notion exists that the centralized applications are threats and are prone to fraudulent activities, there are still some domains which wouldn’t hurt being run centralized.

Shehryar Hasan

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