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Maxine Ryan Interview: How Bitspark is Disrupting the Remittance Industry

The world’s first cash-in cash-out remittance platform built on the revolutionary blockchain technology, Bitspark is truly disrupting the US$700 billion remittance industry. For too long, the industry is being played and manipulated by banks and other money transfer platforms like Western Union and MoneyGram. Then came Bitspark, that showed the world how banks and other money transfer platforms are charging so much and practically ripping off people in the name of cross-border transaction fees. Bitspark is the world’s first bank-less money transfer platform that uses cryptocurrency for international money transfers and only charges a fraction for the transaction fee, much less than other remittance platforms.

A blockchain and crypto enthusiast, Maxine Ryan, the co-founder and COO of Bitspark is challenging the status quo, along with George Harrap, her business partner and other co-founder of Bitspark. I talked to Maxine and she discussed the challenges Bitspark is currently facing, vision of her startup and current circumstances Bitspark is going through.

  • What difference do you see in conditions when you first started Bitspark in 2014 and now?

Maxine: Specifically in Hong Kong there hasn’t been too much of a difference just because there hasn’t been a huge legal change or regulation change, pertaining to cryptocurrencies. I personally think it is a good thing as I do understand the need for a minimized risk but I actually like the way that Hong Kong is approaching this landscape, which is more of a wait-and-see approach. I would say that because of the landscape, regulators have a hard task on their hands to try to understand how to regulate this space without trying to tap off the potential as we have seen in the U.S. where businesses are failing because they sought to spend so much time and money on the regulations.

  • Since 2017-18 bull run, have Bitspark witnessed an increase number of users?

Maxine: We are in the game of moving money using cryptocurrencies so we have seen a very steady adoption of Bitspark over time. I would say that we have seen pretty healthy adoption, although our customers don’t know that they are using cryptocurrency, they just see that they have got a really good rate and sometimes it is 15% better than the market rate and a lot better than Western Union or any other service. But I would say that adoption has definitely become much easier in terms of selling practice standpoint because they already know of bitcoin and there isn’t such a vagueness around it that people could not understand before.

  • Great! Currently, in how many countries people can actually use Bitspark?

Maxine: We have 4 cashing locations in Hong Kong and one vault. The vault is for business customers and the shops are for retail customers, so people can cash in meaning, they can get a balance on their account, now that does not mean that people can’t deposit cryptocurrency. Currently, people can actually deposit Ethereum and bitcoin as well and as soon as they have a balance, they can cash out from Philippines, Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria and Vietnam as well. There are 5 countries and over half a million locations that people can currently cash out from.

People in the country that are sending and the countries of which they can send to, is not really the cash out locations, they are recipients and the cash in locations. It is dependent on who is sending, like Hong Kong has a huge Indonesian and Filipino population because most of them are here for work and we have seen a really big adoption between our Hong Kong-Indonesia and Honk Kong-Philippines corridor.

  • How stable is Bitspark and currently, how big is the team? 

Maxine: Bitspark is built on the BitShares blockchain, which is stable and actually faster than MasterCard, I believe. We are definitely built for scalability and that is the reason Bitspark is built on BitShares blockchain.

Our team is about 20 people and we have 2 offices in 2 different countries. One is in Hong Kong, which is our operations office, consisting of our marketing, sales management and design department and then our Ukraine office has all our technical team of mobile-web platforms and DevOps.

  • What are the challenges Bitspark is facing currently?

Maxine: I think the biggest challenge right now is trying to find great talent which means that we need some special people to help us execute what we visioned. We want people who would bring value to Bitspark to expand and we are looking for special individuals to join the team.

  • Are you also planing to expand operations in other countries?

Maxine: We are focusing on 5 corridors that people can send to currently but definitely, we are thinking about expansion. Currently we are focused on building a second component to the platform, that allows anybody in the world to become an inclusion point. Definitely, we have a global vision of what the company should become.

People can expect the new version of Bitspark by end of Q1 2019, as the second roll out will include a feature where people will be able to apply and become an inclusion point.

  • Do you think bitcoin ETF approval will help massive adoption?

Maxine: It depends on the jurisdiction. I think that because of the nature of cryptocurrency in general, it is very hard to provide regulation on something that essentially is technology but I think that there will be more regulation coming out to deal with the services. Singapore just recently came out with a new payment regulation that also includes cryptocurrency under its umbrella but I think that we shouldn’t be looking cryptocurrency as something to regulate, we should be looking at the services of which it can basically touch and then look at the regulations on them and then consider it within existing regulation.

  • Right! Do you see any regulation coming from the U.S. any time soon?

Maxine: Yes U.S. will probably come out with regulation but it just makes it very hard market to enter and also to foster innovation, one of the reasons why we don’t actually service the U.S. citizens, which is a real shame but essentially, it is just too regulated to operate in this space. I think in terms of the technology development, we will definitely see more from the US and they are definitely at the forefront but I think we are going to see the application of it in Asia and Africa.

  • How is the crpto community shaping up in Hong Kong?

Maxine: The community in Hong Kong is definitely thriving as more blockchain companies are opening up along with some of the largest exchanges in the world. The things are pretty positive because we do see a migration of companies that are setting up here. We talk to a lot of partners as well that want to partner with us because we are based in Hong Kong. The landscape of Hong Kong to start a company is very good especially, if it is in the cryptocurrency space, it really depends what anyone is trying to achieve as a company or an actor in the space.

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