Yes, we have all come across the notion of get a dating app and wooing the dry spell away. But, it is not always as amazing as we think it might be. It is far less satisfying than what we thought.

NOT ONLY THAT, but, matchmaking is the world’s oldest profession, also the most messed up and wrongly done one.

Online dating like the good old blind dates and arranged marriages can be very stupid things to do. Unless you are in a movie it is not likely to hit the bull’s eye. The truth about online dating is that it is speedy, easy, casual and a waste.

Nothing good can come out of zero investment. Not even good sex. Cicero and the greeks were right, to love is to be wholly and fully consumed in a transaction constantly reaping loss. But, hey ain’t nobody got the time for that. So yes, i would swipe right and see whats waiting for me 7 miles away.

Other than a poor map situation, horrible selfies, fake profiles, idiots who have zero respect for people they are seeking, non consensual dickpics and terrible dates gone wrong, online dating saves one the misery of a lonely night, or day, whatever.

The problem is that it is the most unimaginative, failing and unsatisfying industry despite being so huge. This is why people keep finding new and better ones, at least they claim to be better but they are not in reality upon usage.

Heavy duty lives may need less needy dating, less clingy people, but still reliant and drama free ones. Where are the dating apps for that? Who is working on a fuck-free-fuck?

There are several matters of lies and deceit associated with online dating, safety and security are others. Then the idea of speed dating itself is self exhausting and self destructive in the longer run. Dating websites have been troubled by issues of profile authenticity since the beginning. Match makers have their biases and they limit the diversity in relationship options. The courtship element is missing from apps.

There is nothing that can make us truly happy. And yet, the U.S. online dating industry is estimated to be worth over $2.5 billion. According to a study by Statista.

Blockchain is making huge leaps in the industry. Mostly by very high tech things in departments such as verifying user’s identities, while maintaining the option of privacy, better match making and increased security.

There has been an exponential increase in the industry. The apps based on blockchain show that the tech is breakthrough and the industry is particularly needy therefore lucrative. There is LoveBlock, Bumble, Luna, Dateme, Amorita among others that have just begun to show up on the dating-block.

What is your pick of the poison? Share your thoughts!

Khunsha Javed

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