Make Her Feel Special Using Bitcoins

When it comes to gifts, women have it easy but sometimes it can become so easy that you don’t know what to get. If you’re someone who is crippled by indecision, giving gifts can be a daunting task. But I successfully managed to list 10 items that you can choose from and pay for it in bitcoins!

A pashmina
A pashmina is a quite renowned form of a shawl. This simple yet elegant piece of clothing is a staple for women’s winter collection here in Pakitan. An item of clothing that is not only pretty but holds a lot of cultural value is a great gift for someone. It is easily available at MyPashmina, an online store that offers a wide range of pashmina’s and also sells 100 percent cashmere jumpers and gloves.

Diamonds are girls best friends and there is nothing that wows her more than this. Jens Hansen is an online worldwide shipping store that offers a stunning range of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings that can all be bought with bitcoin.

A Holiday
Ease your woman’s hectic routine by taking her out on a luxury vacation. It’s not only a gift for her but you as well! There are a number of travel sites that accept payments in cryptocurrency so there’s a lot of choose from. Destinia, CheapAir, BTCTrip to name a few and even Expedia!

A small yet stylish gift that is a must in everyone’s wardrobe. Tens is a UK based online retailer that offers a variety of designer sunglasses all payable by Bitcoin. For my UK folks, you can also experience free postage.

A sushi class
Want an opportunity to bond well with your loved one? Take a sushi class together. Not only will your a lifelong skill but it can be a lot of fun doing things together. A company called Your Sushi offers sushi cooking class around the country and enables payments to be made through your bitcoins.

Designer Handbags
A fancy gift that can tell a lot about your man’s taste. Pamper your girlfriend this Christmas with handbags from House of Carver that allows you to pay in bitcoin. Pick from their classic, vintage, limited edition Chanel bags that are otherwise hard to find.

One can never have enough shoes, especially for women. Shuwish is an online retail shop that lets you choose from a wide variety of shoes, perfect for any girl. If you’re looking for a less expensive option – from above – to get handbag from, then this is your place as well.

Handmade leather phone case
Anything handmade is the best display of love and care. Let your loved one know how thoughtful you are that you got a gift special tailor-made for them. Ryan London lets you do that, along with this they offer belts, purses which make a perfect combination for your phone case.

A hammock
Not the gift you’d expect but we say it’s thoughtful and slightly different from the conventional gifts in our list. Hammock Heaven is a UK based company that allows you to buy a hammock in bitcoins! They have been providing hammocks since 2004 so we can safely say that they know their hammock business.

A watch
A timeless gift for your unconditional love or a nice way to convey that your girlfriend needs to value time especially when she’s getting ready… we all know the struggle man.

Overstock has a great watch section that you can choose from alongside a mountain of other opportunities.

Note: All the sites mentioned above accept bitcoins as a method of payment.


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