Magic Academy – Wrong Step For BlockFans?

Yes, the grandfather of all blockchains bitcoin is almost a decade old and the world has gotten to a point where it is slowly accepting the blockchain solution industry as a legit and true one. The sad reality is that people do not believe it sometimes and they rarely try to find out how it works. Anyone who looks into it and is curious enough would know how amazing it is and how beautifully it sits together building a perfect world.

We are far from perfect world and we are far from a perfect gaming universe but things are moving rapidly. While so many coins and tokens are nothing but failed ICO’s that do not make ten days into the market or operation-ability, some are really doing well.

BitGuild has been known to combine teams of eastern and western gamers to combine and co-create a global game experience fit for all. While this sounds a far generic and bland idea it has weight to it considering how much could this spark up in the games community and social media. The social networking is something that makes it a better product than others after all. Like the DOTA community, the GTA community, online gaming, live gaming, arcades and casinos are all predicated on such ideas.

Whole industries really on the community and discussions and for blockchain there is Discord. Discord is proof that Magic Academy – an idle blockchain game based on Tron, is going to make many waves. It will change a lot of things. It will change the meaning of blockchain games and pump it up to levels higher than what cryptocollectibles make us feel.

In Magic Academy things are unlocked and things can be improved. This simplicity of the game that is set to change things.  The buying wizards and upgraded items, rely on your production of Jade. Jade can be produced by your activity in the game and it is what monetizes the game for the developers.

Any Jade you own is a TRC20 Token. By buying warriors, you can get your battle power, then upgrade your battle power by buying related upgrade items, attack the other players and steal their Jade.

When buying wizards and upgrade items, your production of Jade will be increased. This can be mined alongside as well. The plot twist allows you to put your money to work, while you enjoy yourself, just how it should be. The more upgrade items you own, the higher your mining speed will be. You can also see the ranking list by production speed from high to low.

Magic Academy also features very rare item prizes. They are unique because all of them are based on TRC721, and they will grant a huge increase in your production and battle power. They can be freely traded among the players and the prize will rise 25% each time.

The code, design and numerical format behind each asset in Magic Academy are all written in the smart contract using Solidity . In case you are new, this is a open and transparent platform for game dev. All the transactions can be completed through any Tron wallet and all of them can be tracked and inquired on the chain.

Khunsha Javed

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