Lyft is Bringing Something New to Blockchain

Lyft is just like Uber, a little less famous and with limited approach but enough to for us to be writing about it. Lyft is a California-based on-demand transportation app that can be hailed through a mobile app. This centralized app has partnered with something new. Lyft is on it’s way to partner with blockchain based startup called Solve.Care to tokenize healthcare related transport arrangements.

Solve.Care is a global healthcare IT company that has developed a blockchain platform for coordination, administration, and payments of healthcare. The mission of their integration is to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation.

It will allow Solve.Care to schedule Lyft rides to doctors’, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies, with automated payments using the native utility token SOLVE via their Solve.Care digital wallets. You can share your ride with family, employers, insurers and other parties. You can easily coordinate your trips, arrival times, and any assistance you need.

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel said that the partnership will allow their platform to:

Improve patient satisfaction through timely access to care, reduced wait times, and simpler cost-sharing and access to transportation subsidies.”

The thinks that this partnership will open a new way of thinking, it is an innovative way that brings two companies together.

Solve.Care is continuously working to offer better access to medical care. By partnering with Lyft, our platform will provide a more efficient and seamless experience for patients and enable payers, employers, and other agencies to improve patient satisfaction through timely access to care, reduced wait times, and simpler cost-sharing and access to transportation subsidies,” said Pradeep Goel, CEO of Solve.Care.

Maybe this what the blockchain world needs, to integrate centralized and decentralized platforms to create something better and richer. The pros can make up for the cons present in each other.

One of the industries, other than banks, that has well integrated blockchain technology is healthcare. Blockchain has gained traction in the global healthcare quite rapidly. Hospitals, insurers and other industry professionals can continue to explore its benefits for sharing, securing and streamlining sensitive clinical and other health-related information.

This is really beneficial for single mothers who want to schedule appointments or go for checkups during their pregnancy. Companies like these need to come up with ways to empower people and help them navigate their way because blockchain is not worth it, if it not fulfilling it’s goal of helping people. The industry is for the people.


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