Luna and Loveblock Play Matchmaker For You; Who Would You Choose?

This world ought to be moving faster than we imagined. The current dilemma of this nation; how well are we connected? So, amidst this series of madness, our pockets seem to be jingling but what are we doing to keep our souls alive? Arts? Literature? Love? Love.

We are so connected yet have troubling finding love in this ever-growing pool of a population. Where does the fault really lie? Who’s to blame? Is it us and our inability to get past the digital world or is the current system?

We don’t know about you but we sure know where the current dating apps are going wrong. But your crypto Aunt Agony completely understands you and is here with a fix.

Introducing Loveblock

Loveblock is an innovative blockchain technology solution for online dating world over. Loveblock aims to eliminate fraud, scams and data breaches in the online dating world to bring you closer to the most authentic version of your soulmate.

Loveblock is an open platform that allows all dating platforms to join themselves and create a safe space for people trying to find love.

What makes LoveBlock so great?

Well, there are some of the things they claim to fulfill.

Fraudulent Activity

LoveBlock runs a unique system that can easily identify fraud through a unique verification system. All information is encrypted and shared with other DApps which is one of the core qualities of the blockchain technology. What this does is that it exposes scammers and prevents them from creating any harm to the fraud-free network of LoveBlock.

User Motivation

Here’s the deal; the more honest you are, the more rewards you get. This reward system is there to encourage a fraud-free environment. Users who contribute to matchmaking or report potential fake profiles will be rewarded with DDD tokens for improving the experience of all users.

Decentralized Dating

If you aren’t throwing the word decentralized repeatedly if you’re a blockchain-based company, then are you even blockchaining??

The perk of being decentralized is pretty much evident now; no one computer stores the data ensuring utmost security.

Luna Lovegood or Luna Love God?

Another blockchain app plays the cupid for you but this time it’s a little mathematical. Using the creatively crafted algorithms that are trained via your behavior in the platform. Luna uses machine learning to find you the best match.

Running on the Star token; the mechanism normalizes attention distribution, reducing spam and empty inboxes.

Some of its perks are that you can cash out if someone stands you up. You’re going home only sad and not broke!

Also, you get Stars for replying early. Whether or not somebody appreciates your anxiety induced habit of replying asap, Luna sure does!

Apart from this, the core properties of blockchain apps are part of this as well; decentralization, storing data across all computers, token-based reward system. You know the drill!

A user can limit the number of messages he or she receives a day, but a wooer who is really keen on reaching them can add more stars to a message to bump him or herself to the top of the recipient’s queue.

If Luna’s algorithm thinks a pair are a great match, they get a discount to encourage them to message each other. Stars are expensive and they should discourage people from spamming each other with “copy and paste” messages.

Now the ball is in your court, would you go with Luna the Love God orr Loveblock? Let us know in the comment section below!

Soha Ali

As vanilla as it sounds, a filmmaker in the making. Soha brings the irony out of the crypto world by contributing to the Unfiltered section of BlockPublisher. Contact the editor at editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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