‘Losing Money In Cryptos Does Not Make It A Scam. We Need To Build Up Patience’: Nischal Shetty Of WazirX

Nischal Shetty, the founder and the chief executive officer for Indian crypto promoting platform, WazirX, suggests that a process that is supposed to return you a greater reward must be waited on. The same goes for cryptos as we all need to build up patience for these digital assets in order for these to reward us back handsomely. Shetty explains his past experience that he has lost about 80% of the portfolio over the 2008 stock market crash. This certainly does not mean that the stock market is scamming the participants for their shares. It’s just either bad luck and the impatient individuals that do want hard earned money but in a rather swift manner. This gets them into deep water within the venture which does not yield them anything rewarding. In order to utterly go to the rewarding route with the cryptos, one must be smart and try to conduct research before blindly investing into false and unrewarding projects. BlockPublisher got the chance to continue with the discourse with the man as he pin points the requirements in order to successfully stick with the crypto markets for the longer run.

The thing which brings loss might not just be a scam. The 2008 stock market crash brought a 80% loss to my portfolio but this does not mean that the stock market is a scam. Cryptos operate the same way and cryptos cannot be branded as a scam. One must dig out rewarding projects to invest in and be smart.

The cryptos have always demanded a prolonged period of time for the waiting procedure as the people who have stuck with cryptos for a longer time have drawn out a hefty success in the crypto market. A Puerto Rican based Blockchain Technology platform, Silver Bay Capital Blockchain explains the situation in their own words to Shetty as per his statement.

Selling when you are 90% down in any market doesn’t make sense period. The people who ” HODLed” in 2008 during the crisis ended up fine long term, but the people who BOUGHT during the recession did extremely well. There are opportunities in all markets.

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