London Based Firm Introduces Crypto Friendly Payment Processing Services

CoinAcquring is a firm that, according to it’s website states that since “Banks are inherently not friendly to crypto businesses. That’s where we come in. CoinAcquiring offers consulting service which help your crypto business secure reliable payment processing, banking, and foreign exchange services.”

Now, as per a press release, the firm is branching out as it now providing customers the option to gain the services of cryptocurrency friendly bank accounts which it has added to it’s ever growing portfolio.

The firm which is based in London aims to provide innovation business solutions to crypto merchants that want to deal in fiat currency to crypto money transfers and processing. Now it also facilitates merchants with crypto-friendly banking and financial services.

As per the release, the corporate bank account services now include services such as;

  • Accounts in multi-currencies such as GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, HKD, JPY, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK, ZAR
  • SEPA instant credit transfers
  • Virtual IBANs for sub-customers
  • 0% foreign exchange
  • Wire/SWIFT transfers
  • Physical and virtual debit cards

The crypto industry couldn’t be happier with these services since they face a lot of difficulties with tradtional institutions like banks and even while finding any sort of crypto friendly payment processor, which is why this new service will make crypto merchant’s jobs easier. Senior Payments Consultant for CoinAcquiring, David Jones stated,

“Banking is notoriously difficult for crypto businesses. Banks still don’t fully understand how to evaluate risk in the crypto industry, and instead just turn the business away and close accounts. These core banking & payment services are vital for any crypto business to operate and CoinAcquiring is excited to offer a service which takes the headache out of account opening and makes the process easy and straightforward.”

According to the Senior Payments Consultant for the firm, David Jones, this is the next big step for CoinAcquiring and the crypto industry;

“Offering crypto friendly bank accounts to our services is a huge milestone for both us and the crypto industry. We are very excited to be the channel through which crypto merchants can gain access to fiat based payment processing services without any issues. We know how difficult fiat to crypto payment processing can be to set up, and we want to create a space where crypto businesses can focus on the exciting aspects of the industry without having to worry about whether the bank will accept their business model.”


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