Litecoin Reddit: ‘Cryptocurrency Taxation Around the World’

This news post is about top stories on Litecoin (ltc) reddit. A fork of bitcoin that was made in 2011, Litcoin is 2.5 times faster than bitcoin which means that Litecoin block make 1 block 2.5 times faster than a bitcoin block and anyone can do near zero-cost payment anywhere in the world. The following top stories are take from Litecoin subreddit.

  1. Professional MMA fighter, Ben Askren a video on twitter. In the 3.5 minute video Ben talks about how banks are charging so high in the name of transaction fee, ranging from 2-4%. Ben also talks in favor of Litecoin and how the transaction fee is almost none if you transact in Litcoin.
  2. ‘The Light School’  made an announcement on twitter on Lightning payment day through telegram. The tweet read “People in the Lighting Litecoin Telegram channel are going to have a Lightning payment day on 2/23 at 1pm PST! You have 1 month to set up your Lightning node and join us in practicing creating and making payments”.
  3. The next top story is an announcement about open sourcing repositories that are used by Casa Nodes. The open sourced repositories are Casa Node API Casa Node Dashboard, Casa Node Manager, Casa Node Updater. 
  4. The next top post is about LTC Streamers subreddit for any crypto enabled twitch channel. The title of post is “Do you stream on Twitch & Accept/Promote LTC? — We made a subreddit for you!”
  5. A post on Hackernoon that read “From 0% to 55%: a Brief Guide to Cryptocurrency Taxation Around the World” is in the news today. The post gives brief descriptions of crypto tax laws in different countries. For the reference look the table below.

crypto tax

6. Spend Visa card has announced that from their official Spend App, users can now convert from 15 cryptocurrencies to fiat. It is available in the United States only and the iOS and one can easily download the app from App Store.

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