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After VRPorn, Litecoin Partners Surf Air and TapJets as it Seeks Further Adoption

Litecoin has been on the spotlight for most of May after the project partnered with Abra and Bookmaker, with the LTC coin now used at VRPorn and TapJets also.

The cryptocurrency has now moved a step further as the LTC coin will now be accepted as a means of payment in the aviation market. The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee tweeted that the team had partnered with Surf Air, with this announcement coming just days after TapJets announced its partnership with Litecoin. Charlie Lee followed the announcement with a #PayWithLitecoin” hashtag.

Even though none of the two parties has released any information regarding this deal, Lee has already started marketing it, using #Paywithlitecoin to represent the deal.

TapJets announced its collaboration with Litecoin a few days ago, with the company, just like Surf Air, a private jet firm that enables their customers to book a route of their choice instantly. TapJets decided to offer a $500 gift voucher to the first customers who decide to make payment using LTC.

The CEO of TapJets, Eugene Kesselman while commenting on their deal expressed support for the #paywithlitecoin campaign launched by Lee. He added that he believes companies who accept digital currencies are distinguished and special.

Litecoin Also Entering the Virtual Reality and Porn Industry

The aviation industry isn’t the only place LTC is making giant strides, with VRPorn releasing its own statement shortly after Surf Air partnership was announced. The porn website has now made it possible for its users to pay for their membership using the LTC coin. The site added that the anonymity of cryptos is an added advantage compared to other traditional methods of payments.

In its statement, VRPorn revealed that Litecoin is one of the leading cryptocurrencies and will have huge benefits to its customers. The site added that the low fees and the quick confirmation times are some extra quality that Litecoin has over other altcoins.

Even though these companies are the latest to join the LTC bandwagon, other companies such as Sportsbook and Abra have already partnered with Litecoin in similar capacities.

LTC has been available as a payment option on Bookmaker for a while now, with the users of the platform given the option to use this coin on sports events around the globe. Bookmaker also supports other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and some others.

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