Litecoin (LTC) Reddit: Subarus can now be bought with LTC

These past few days on the r/litecoin subreddit, redditors have been talking about: buying a Subaru with LTC; LTC crossing Bitcoin Cash in term of number payment proceedings; a user buys LTC using a crypto ATM; Litecoin hashrate goes over 200 TH/s, users praise LTC for having low transaction fees, and an old LTC meme reawakens.

Here is a brief overview.

Buy a Subaru with LTC

In a video, a confirmation comes from Bob Moore Subaru a car dealership in Oklahoma City has accepted that they will accept LTC among two other cryptocurrenices: BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Tthereum), as payment for not only purchases of all car models, but also for services given at their center.

Litecoin surpassed Bitcoin Cashes in number of payment proceedings

According to an analysis, in the previous year, Litecoin processed way more (almost three times as much) payments per day than Bitcoin Cash; in terms of number of active users, Litecoin again surpasses Bitcoin Cash by a notable margin.

 0.636 LTC for 30 EUR

A redditor spots a crypto ATM Basel, Switzerland and buys 0,636 LTC for 30 EUR.

Litecoin Hashrate climbs back above 200TH/s

According to a post by Franklyn Richards, Litecoin Network has surpassed 200TH/s (terahash) hashrate. This has been after a continuous growth for two months. Last time when the hashrate came about this much was back in April 2018.

Low LTC Transaction Fees

LTC is praised is praised for its instant speed and low transactions costs; a redditos makes claim: “I just sent 1000$ of Litecoin across the world, it was instant and I paid 0.00026$ in fees,” further saying that for USD $1, over 3800 transactions can be made.

‘Arise chikun arise’ revisited

Redditors have reminisce over the ever famous ‘Arise chikun arise’ pun as a redditor posts the following:

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