Litecoin Foundation Asks Community To Join In On Marketing Campaign #PayWithLitecoin

One of the most important things about cryptocurrencies is the community that believes in them, and thanks to that community, Litecoin (LTC) is now set for a price break out. With the initiative to include the community as part of its marketing, the Litecoin Foundation has gotten another call spot on.

Litecoin’s marketing campaign up another level

The Litecoin community has been demanding an aggressive approach to marketing the coin from its development team. This demand comes after other coins are making efforts to enter the micro-payments industry.

In response to that, Litecoin Foundation has now asked its community to join in on the campaign. In a recent tweet by the founder, Charlie Lee, the cryptocurrency mogul retweeted the following by a supporter;

In this tweet, Lee seems to be addressing the whole Litecoin community and urging them to join in on their campaign as they look to crush the other projects that are looking to overshadow LTC in the micro-payments space.

While encouraging the community to join in on the marketing, the Litecoin Foundation has been leading the line for a while now. They have launched the #PayWithLitecoin campaign on Twitter and other social media platforms, with a Twitter message from Litecoin Foundation reading;

250k Users to Help Test the LoafWallet

Charlie Lee has also called on the Litecoin community to help test the LoafWallet designed for iOS that supports Litecoin. The wallet has been designed with the aim of providing LTC users with a simple, safe, and secure storage. Litecoin’s development team added that the wallet would also enable users to conduct even faster transactions. Lee tweeted that;

All these moves made by Litecoin over the past few weeks will definitely be in favor of the LTC coin as it is expected to be one of the top performing cryptocurrencies this year.

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