Lisk Blockchain Frozen After Security Concern But Restored Within Few Hours

In the early morning hours of Saturday, all transactions in process on the Lisk blockchain came to a halt, following a faulty transaction triggering an automated security measure. Lisk CEO, Max Kordek, mentioned that all transactions made in the Lisk blockchain would not be compromised, and all funds were safe, and a fix of the system is being implemented.

The response which was in the form of a Reddit post explained the situation at Lisk community stating that an anonymous individual broadcasted a faulty transaction on the Lisk blockchain, which was deemed valid due to a rare edge-case bug embedded in the transaction, and went through the processing steps on each individual node.

Max notes;

It was an invalid, maliciously customized transaction type that utilized this particular code bug.

The security measures that are built into the Lisk network to prevent the Lisk blockchain from forking were triggered in response to the particular code bug. This measures prevented all the nodes on the blockchain from processing any new blocks in the Lisk network. As a result, the entire Lisk network froze, with hundreds of transactions building up on the network, but none of these transactions can reach their intended destinations. This transaction will remain in limbo over security concerns.

The Lisk network uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) to verify the network. While this functions similarly to the regular Proof-of-Stake system, the two are quite different. For instance, the Delegated Proof-of-Stake system uses a certain amount of delegated nodes to verify the network. However, several critics believe that a DPoS system is more centralized in nature than decentralized.

However, in the case of Lisk, DPoS has proven successful at securing the blockchain from malicious activities. For instance, while the current freeze might seem like something only a centralized blockchain can do, Max points out that the temporary pause was an automated failsafe system built to protect the Lisk blockchain.

The Lisk team announced that they had realized a fix to the issue and released it, to entirely reverse the problem caused by the faulty transaction.

The Lisk Reddit Community Manager, Jan, wrote;

Within the next moments, everything will be optimally function.

He continued saying;

To remind you all, everyone’s fund is safe.

Max pointed out that once the network was back running again, it will act as if the faulty transaction broadcasted in the network did not occur. This aspect is essential in making sure that the fund in the network remains safe and secure. The Lisk network had similar edge-cases take place in the past 2 or 3 times. In all these cases, the Lisk blockchain remained secure as a result of new Lisk Core versions which was created to fix all issues and allow the blockchain to continue running normally.

Despite the temporary freeze, LSK prices were not affected. LSK, in fact, was trading up 7% valued at $9:30.

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