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Liquidity is Key Says QUOINE as it Sets to Unveil LIQUID Soon

QUOINE, a fintech company offering financial services hailing the blockchain technology as the major feature, announces their recent product i.e LIQUID to start operating from 4th of the coming September. QUOINE LIQUID, set to surface up to the public soon, is the product built over the basic slogan that, with liquidity comes stability. QUOINE backs their recent product with a token of their own, QASH.

QUOINE believes that the global finance can be a property of every single person who breathes, labeling it the ‘Democratization of Finance’. With their exchanges like QUOINEX and QRYPTOS working under the similar principles, LIQUID is set to turn the digital assets as liquid as possible for the user to benefit from. QUOINE believes that the product would bring the power to the people besides inciting major crypto adoption in the process. The crypto investors, the people behind issuing the crypto tokens, the miners and the common user are the key focuses of the company as it seek to bring stability to the table. LIQUID is set to keep to its promise that liquidating the assets can indeed bring the stability factor into a monetary system.

LIQUID encompasses various cryptocurrencies including the likes of bitcoin, ethereum and QASH. The users can trade the digital assets for multiple fiat currencies (anyone of their choosing). Owing to edging towards the launch on the announced date, LIQUID has set up a system for the users to add their names to the waitlist in order to benefit from the services the product is set to provide.

LIQUID is equipped with several ups, featuring majorly the concept of ‘Crypto for the Masses’. It allows the users to take full control over the options for the transactions and access to the options to grow their portfolio. The company brags the feature to be exclusive from them solely. The company claims to offer superb security, bearing the potential to counter any theft and cyber attack, stating the fact that QUOINE was the very first company in the circle of similar companies to be regulated by Japan Financial Services Agency (JFSA). LIQUID has been developed in the simplest of ways so as to provide the user friendliness to the user avoiding complex traditional concepts. The company boasts that their UX friendly platform is one for the ages and is definitely made to ease the crypto trading manifolds.

With the continuous advancements in the crypto world, it is imminent that we are to witness the crypto markets in their full glory. People like APompliano, the founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital state that the innovation is the safest route towards a definite success. But the other side of the story is that he also confirms that the current pace of innovation is heavily countered by the frequent scamming scandals and embezzlement crisis that circle the crypto markets which we can overcome by carrying out experimentation over the current security protocols.

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