Levis Strauss To Leverage Blockchain To Improve Working Conditions In Factories

Blockchain, the technological innovation of the century has sprouted a myriad of use cases in many of the Industries. Whether it be finance, supply chain, education, healthcare and even entertainment. The distinguished features that it brings to each platform have not been offered by any other to date. The decentralised ledger makes all transactions transparent and immutable, which makes its an ideal technology for storing data that needs to be guarded and remain untampered. This is why the inclusion of blockchain into the supply chain management systems has completely revolutionized it.

In early times, when industrialization had not come to pass, most of the businesses were small and local, void of the need to keep record of all the items being produced and sold into a ledger. As businesses grew and international trading became more and more common, the need for computerized systems grew imminent. Even though these records can be recorded extensively on databases, the centralised systems are corruptible and not tamper proof. This is where Blockchain comes in handy. With a blockchain based system, the records of the supply chain become untouchable, reducing the risk of fraud and illegal trade.

Essentially, thanks to blockchain the source of any product can be tracked down. Whether it is food, medicine, or any other product, the details about its production and its producers can be easily found out due to the transparency that is offered by the nascent technology. Today Walmart, Unilever, Nestle, Tyson and Dole, all these suppliers are reaping the benefits of blockchain to serve their customers. However employee satisfaction has been of low to no importance to many of the companies.

To this end, recently, the renowned Harvard University’s public health graduate school formed a collaboration with Levis strauss, the clothing company to create a blockchain factory safety system. Apparently, this system will be created to enable the workers to report the information about the factories health and safety. According to the report, the survey will be blockchain powered and will be filled out by 5000 people currently working at one of the three factories in Mexico producing goods for Levi Strauss. This will essentially empower the worker at these factories to report the working conditions at the aforementioned locations. Giving his vote of confidence, Tomicah Tillemann, founder of the Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA) made the following comment on the upcoming project:

Providing a secure, standardized, auditable, and transparent platform through which worker survey data can be aggregated and analyzed will be possible with this solution.

Dr. Eileen McNeely, the director of Harvard T.H. Chan’s Sustainability and Health Initiative for NetPositive Enterprise lay emphasis on the fact that the archaic systems are no longer reliable nor the best solutions. She added:

For the last 25 years, work in supply chains has been monitored mainly by audits. A distributed system of inquiry on the blockchain that goes right to the source (workers) offers a new solution.

The proposed solution, blockchain-based survey, will utilize an index which is developed by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. The product will be developed by ConsenSys, a New York based company, that provides blockchain based solutions. Moreover, it is being funded by the grant that was offered by U.S State Department.

This is no different to a voting system, except for the tweaks that have been made in order for the application to appear like a survey. Blockchain being a transparent and immutable ledger can efficiently store and handle the data that is confidential or essential in this case to determine the working conditions of a factory. Through this alliance both the collaborators seek to transform the way working conditions are being evaluated in factories for the welfare of the workers.

Hassaan Malik

Co-founder of BlockPublisher, Hassaan is a technologist at heart with a keen interest in blockchain, cryptos and traditional financial markets. Email: hassaan@blockpublisher.com, hassaanmalek@gmail.com

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