Let These Crypto-Tips Sex You Up!

Literally everyone is talking about crypto! It’s the sexy trend. Most of the talk revolves around how you can make some money. Sure, there is more to crypto than money. 

But, a major chunk of it is money, money, and money. While it’s not easy to get in bed with some one just for sex. Making money in the crypto-verse is much more difficult than that. The people who’ve made fortunes did it in a period of uncertainty Most people just don’t know how to make it work for them.

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You might have the capital. You just don’t don’t know what the hell to do with it! That’s why we’re here to help you out it in anyway possible. Let these crypto-tips sex you up when you’re all alone. *wink*

You can thank us later!

Diversifying Is Not Always The Answer

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You’ll it hear a lot. Diversify your crypto-portfolio.Sure it’s a great idea. It’s terrible to place all your money in one coin. It’s unsafe! But, you don’t just start diversifying your portfolio for the sake of it okay? If you’re going to do it. Do it right! The reason to diversify is to make more money, not for placing your eggs in more baskets. So, do it because you see there is potential in a coin to maximize your profits.

Don’t Forget Fiat Currencies

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Use fiat currencies as your benchmark, if you don’t it’s bound to be recipe for disaster. Comparing crypto with each other is really stupid okay? Just don’t! It’s just better to compare it to fiat currencies like US Dollars. This will actually give you a crystal idea if something has gained or lost its value. It’s as simple as that!

Focus On The Supply

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The law of supply and demand is what runs in the crypto-world. That is the reason pump and dump schemes are successful. The more the people buy a coin, the more the coins value rises. This is exactly why you can’t look at a coin and just buy it because it’s cheap. It’s value needs to looked into in relative to its circulating supply. The closer the number of the coins in circulation to maximum number that can be mined. The chances of the value to rise are more. It’s due to the lack of supply compared to it’s rising demand. Get it?

Focus On Profit

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One of the most common hurdles crypto-traders run into is between profit and the idea of being right. It’s a small difference if you really look at it. However, crypto-traders just don’t want to be right about if a coin will rise in value. They want to make profits from them. You can be correct many times, but if you don’t invest in them then you miss the opportunity to make profits. Thinking about profits pushes you think about which one’s will you most profit from and if you have that as a goal. You’re bound to make the right investments consciously and unconsciously.

Let us know if you find these savvy tips helpful in the comments section below!

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