Ledger Unveils The Brand New Crypto Wallet Nano X at CES Las Vegas

Ledger, the company responsible for producing security and infrastructure solution for cryptocurrencies and blockchain application recently unveiled its brand new Bluetooth-enabled Nano X device at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held in the Las Vegas. The Nano X device is to be an improvement on Ledger Nano S which had been released prior to this one, and reportedly has sold over 1,000,000 units all over the globe. Ledger claims that multiple newer features have been incorporated into Nano X, improving the quality of security it provides, ease of access to users and also constitutes a pristine design.

The Nano X does not only differ from Nano s on the basis that it also features Bluetooth, although the utility of Bluetooth is unparalleled, rather the Nano X can hold applications for upto 100 cryptoassets, which is 6 times more than what Nano S can. Nano X can support over 1100 cryptocurrencies, more than any of the competitors in the market. Using Nano X, payments can be sent and received from all over the world. In addition to this Nano X also boasts a bigger screen and an interactive interface that supports ease of accessibility for its users. Eric Larchevêque, the CEO at Ledger told,

The Ledger Nano X includes all of what you loved about your Nano S, but with new and improved major features. With its Bluetooth connectivity and increased capacity, the Ledger Nano X provides an enhanced user experience while delivering the mobility and state-of-the-art security that customers expect from Ledger.

The new Ledger Nano X is crypto wallet designed to safe keep the private keys of crypto assets of individuals. The Private keys are essentially required to grant access to its holders. However, this key has to be protected in a vault in order to keep it safe from attacks. By using the crypto wallet, the key is stored in a safe environment, safeguarded through state of the art protocols instead of keeping them on a computer drive that is easily accessible and hackable.

The crypto wallet Nano X can easily be accessed by a mobile, which can save many from the hassle of carrying around a laptop. This distinguished feature has been integrated for the very first time in a digital wallet. Ledger also recently revealed the Ledger Live Mobile app which would enable the users of Ledger Nano X carry out transaction in a secure environment, in which various applications can be installed and uninstalled with ease and also inquire their current balances. However, the information about the balance is strictly permissioned to be read only.

Ledger claims to have produced a piece of hardware that is unparalleled because of the security it can offer to crypto holders. Ledger Nano X has already snagged the CES Innovation Award in Cyber Security and Personal Privacy for 2019, which is a testimony to the newly introduced products reliability.

To conclude, crypto assets are worth a lot of money and need to be protected from hackers with malicious intents. There have been hundreds of cases where individuals have lost their digital assets to these hackers. There have been multiple accounts of crypto being emptied out of users wallets using such a common thing like a sim card. As the technology evolves so do the ways in which the privacy and security of these platforms can be exploited. The need for such secure platform is imminent now more than ever as masses are getting educated about cryptocurrencies and its use. Ledger, with its security solutions, and the newest addition, Ledger Nano X aims to cater to security needs of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications.

The Official press release by Ledger can be found here.

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