LeadiQ – Prospect List Building Made Easy

Here’s a good news for the sales teams around the world:

You can finally get rid of data entry and get on with what you’re hired for, that is doing sales!

Behold. Meet LeadiQ

I’m making it sound as if the company was launched only recently. But the truth is that LeadiQ, the brainchild of Mei Siauw and Angelo Huang, was born in 2015. If you don’t think this is fascinating enough, then know that in just a few years, it has been able to gather 10,000 users and almost 300 premium customers. Now, how’s that for fascinating?

Of course, you’d want to ask now what makes it so appealing?

Well, it is the ease of building prospect lists that make this tech worthwhile.

Let me get to that.

LeadiQ is just run by a plugin

You don’t have to dig deeper into the troves of contacts scattered on the web. LeadiQ gives you a plugin that can be easily installed in your browser and used just like you use any other plugin or software (like that Salesforce, even more, easier than it).

Once the extension is installed, all you’d have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Surf web like a boss, but when the clock ticks “prospects”, go to LinkedIn or AngelList and do your research. The kind of prospects that you’re searching for, of course, depends on your company, and you (saying that sheepishly).
  2. Now, that you’ve found what you’ve got, click on the extension, which will open to the side of your browser. Here’s when a little magic would take place. The plugin would capture all of the data of your prospects just like a snap. And like I said, it is up to you to select which prospect’s contact information you want.
  3. After adding few of the people to your prospect list, you can even export them to your CRM, Google Sheets, or a CSV file.

So, that’s it. Within a minute or two, you receive a rich list of contacts or prospects upon which you can focus your sales process ahead. How’s this for innovation? Sales funnel filled in like 1,2,3. The time that this process saves you is enormous, which you can focus more on your sales ahead – the thing you were hired for.

What type of information do you get?

LeadiQ gives you plenty of information. I mean if you were to generate a list on your own, you might not be able to gather much of the information.

Here’s what you’d get.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone
  • Company name
  • Company email
  • Personal email
  • Location
  • Position
  • Work address
  • Work location
  • Team size
  • The source of funding for the company
  • Industry of working
  • Social media links (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Angel List and more)
  • Email verification level

This is just the start. If you become the premium member, you could get more for a price of $50 for an individual user/month.

Can you trust the information?

Of course, you can! LeadiQ is built by keeping the data science and blockchain technology at its core. The team has partnered with hundreds of data centers and sources that are publicly reachable.

The best thing about LeadiQ is its algorithm. It has been structured such that it verifies or re-validates the data it gets so that you are not served with an outdated data at all. In fact, it spares you from separating white beads from the black ones as it wouldn’t add any contact that hasn’t been verified.

Working on the principals of data science and incorporating blockchain at its core, LeadiQ gives sales teams a way of ridding themselves of all the data entry tasks, and in turn, work on what matters. The company has already begun to disrupt the data collection industry and, let’s be honest, I’d call them upgradation rather than disruption.

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