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Lawrence Digital Introduces His Platform “FomoHunt”, A Way To Connect Everyone Related To Crypto And Blockchain Through Meet-ups And Conferences

There is a whole new platform set to launch, titles as FomoHunt, a prudent means for the crypto analyst and blockchain sages to connect through series of events, including the likes of meet-ups and conferences. The founder of FomoHunt introduces the platform planning to bridge the communication gaps between the people of crypto and blockchain. The meet up of the intellectuals of the crypto and blockchain world will also include hackathons and other crypto related events to cater for the followers in the best way possible. There is a beta launch on the way and as per the founder, Lawrence “Digital”, there is already a waiting list. Though in case anyone wishes to partake in the waiting list and be the part of the coming platform, there is a certainly room for that. BlockPublisher got to talk to a representative of FomoHunt in order get more remarks over the platform owing to the decent purpose the project bears.

FomoHunt is a global platform to arrange meetups and interactive conferences for the Crypto and Blockchain followers. With alluring sub-events like the hackathon, we intend to bring the most fresh of experience to the participants ensuring that they stick with FomoHunt in the future. Although there is not much space to manage more participants for the beta launch of the platform, we have a waiting list for which participants are welcomed to throw their names to the founder himself.

Set to launch this month, January of 2019, we inch closer to the beta launch which will manage to overcome any crisis and solve beforehand. People are much inclined to partake in the beta launch of the product as it looks from the fact that they are now filling waiting lists as users keep coming in.

With tremendous amount of users pouring in, the platform will require much sophisticated amount of resources and the due mechanisms to cater for the traffic that is being piled up before the beta launch. Though the beta launch is only for the improvement purposes to be included in the final, main package, it is also the version that makes people try the product before buying into the actual one. The stakes are much greater than they expect.

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