Kobayashi Maru – The Need For Block Publisher

Things that make us feel sick, are likely to make you sick too. Are you trying to surf the internet to feed you big sized brain that loves to get high on more and more knowledge? Same right? High five. Call us a knowledge-junkie because that is what got us here. Only, that we realized, what we wanted to learn, nobody was writing about it. Nobody was telling us the story in a way that we understood.

We were all snacked up and cozy in our dorm rooms enjoying our dose of information, when suddenly, each one of our contributors felt that life changing moment of eternity. Also known as a eureka moment. Nature conspires after all. Well, in that one moment we found out that the world is a bed of liars. That produce even more liars. We did the uber obvious, obviously. Each one of us, at our own time of calling vowed ourselves to reporting, blogging and thinking about the uber truth only.

Finance magazines and journals that have been writing about traditional finances and asset building have suddenly started to write about cryptos. They take a restrained and suspicious stance on cryptos, because they barely know how it works. And that holds truth for the bigger ones. For them it is news or a section of niche information. To us it is more serious.

Magazines and publications dedicated to report news on cryptos misinform, repeat and jumble things up. So, we came up with a community of like minded individuals who would then help each other build a ginormous network for knowledge sharing and building.

We are the ones who read this stuff. We are the ones who were missing out on such matter. We ourselves are the consumers of this information. We treat this as we would like to be treated ourselves. This is more than serious. It is sacred.

Online news producers and aggregators may be plenty, but none gives audiences the coverage that is necessary to make well informed choices in terms of the crypto and blockchain community. We came, we saw, we conquered – the gap for clearer, more explicit and better explained nuances that echo in the cryptoverse.

You do not read about journalist values because not many hold them upright. Not many care enough to write about them or to follow them. We can not preach, but we can treat cryptos like no one treats them. With the utmost truth, fair dealing and in the bold scheme of things. We are not scared of technology, this is why our work will not have any bias against it. We understand crypto from its ground way up to fruition, which is why we will not misrepresent it. We do our research and verify every minute detail, this is what makes our work excellently rock solid. Its all fair or its nothing at all.

No longer are we the slaves of tradition and complacency. We are young, wild and fancy. We can not rely on conservative means of attaining new forms of information because, they do not do any justice to the contemporary ideas of today’s super complicated world.

The absence made us crave. So we decided to fill that void and be super nice for anyone else who has the taste for it too. We turned the no-win situation to a win-for-all. Tell us you like the sound of it and tell us you are on board. Come on you, we will be waiting.

Khunsha Javed

A Filmmaker, PR enthusiast & Editor of BlockPublisher-Unfiltered. I like things that make my brain tingle. Email: khunsha@blockpublisher.com or editor.unfiltered@blockpublisher.com

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