Kim Kardashian Could Act as Catalyst for Bitcoin

Today’s most followed social media icon and trendsetter, Kim Kardashian West, received her first physical bitcoin from Matthew Roszack, co-founder of Bloq, at the First Annual “If Only’ Texas Hold’Em Charity Poker Tournament, with West showcasing her latest jewel on Instagram not long after receiving it.

During the event, the pop culture mogul seemingly staked a physical bitcoin chip as a raise, proudly embellishing it in 2 photos on her Instagram story on social media. With a stunning net-worth of approximately $350 million, the probability of a celebrity such as Kim Kardashian possessing a physical Bitcoin proves to be insanely relevant and strong. However, the question at hand remains: Could this be a blessing in disguise for Bitcoin?

Although analysts argue that celebrities have far more publicity to gain from such breakthrough partnerships, Kim Kardashian’s 114 million Instagram followers could prove to be a huge turn around for Bitcoin’s predicted end game.

Just think about it, a 100 million people (at least, excluding stalkers and haters alike) are now blatantly exposed to depictions of physical Bitcoins, the likes of which have hardly been in the pubic eye. In addition, West has  infamously been known to “break the internet” a number of times, may it be posing provocatively for the cameras or announcing an important decision in her life. Her loyal followers make sure to check in on the latest trends, showing particular inclination towards what West is condemning or otherwise, promoting. Judging from the same pattern, it seems likely that a variety of other cryptocurrency investors will be looking towards Kim and her notable sisters, not to mention momager and matriarch Kris Jenner, to set a trend in motion.

It sounds slightly unrealistic to suggest that the elite will gradually propel towards Bitcoin, or cyrptocurrency in general, but the implication of incorporating physical bitcoins, whether as chips or even cash, in entertainment, lifestyle, finance, economics and public service rather robust since a famous celebrity has succeeded in using it for the better.

On a side note, a plethora of celebrities have endorsed and invested in Bitcoin in the past, creating positive outcomes for the top ranked cryptocurrency at the time. Amongst the most noteworthy are social media elite Paris Hilton, actor and artist Jamie Foxx and Floyd Mayweather.


Last year, Matthew Roszak, co-founder of Bloq, mentioned the Kardashian family in the Tedx San Francisco event, highlighting the “tokenization of things” and how the Kardashian family could have a go at a cryptocurrency of their own. Watch the full clip here:

“The Kardashians can tokenize and create their own economy. Every brand, every artist, every tribe, can tokenize their economy.” – Matthew Roszack.

KardashianCoin has been implied multiple times over the past years, having aliases such as KimCoin, KardashianCoin and Kim Coindashian. In 2014, prior to Bitcoin’s success, a independent group of developers called Kim Coindashian Developers introduced a preliminary version of Kimcoin and were interviewed by CCN regarding the central motivations behind the alt-coin. According to them:

The public is interested in the possibility of having their favorite brand use their own digital currency.  We feel that with a responsible approach, Kimcoin will be a very profitable business move for the Kardashian brand.

Apart from this, Kim has been married to artist Kanye West, who was the apparent target of the Coinye altcoin. Kanye’s name was evidently exploited in their campaign to promote the digital currency. It didn’t take long for Kanye to wipe the slate clean and devalue the altcoin down to its core. As for now, crypto investors love Kim, what remains to be seen is how her fame will allow bitcoin to make further proceeds. It seems more prudent to predict the public’s reaction in favor of Bitcoin.

Noefal Ahmed

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